Weekend Update: Britney & LPFC

Once a year or so, a weekend comes along that takes you until about the next weekend to recover from. Though honestly, it's been a busy week both personally and professionally (and some professional-meets-personal) sooo I'm still not quite there and I want to sleep all weekend!

So originally, after debating back and forth all year if I should go to the show or not, my sister was supposed to meet me for a quick > 24 hours, just to see the show and then get out of Vegas as soon as possible (not my steez.) Well, spoiler alert, she was able to run the New York Marathon, that Sunday and therefore, couldn't go to the show.

Not to be deterred from seeing Britney, I asked around a little bit. I was literally sending a text that was like "heyyy do you want to go to Vegas for about 18 hours?" This actually worked out perfectly (I love it when this happensss!) Stephanie agreed to go and then spend the weekend with her best friend, Julie (who I also know from high school and hadn't seen in about as long!) Bingo!

So I got to Vegas Friday afternoon, all hyped up on Britney - self-titled, and was immediately overstimulated and overwhelmed and reminded of just how weird Las Vegas really is. Mind you- I had not been since my 21st birthday trip (I don't think this post has the pics, but, still the mems) but that's a different story. And I say all this and I am totally planning a trip back to hang with Steph & Julie (and her friend Gurpreet) and maybe, finally see Celine Dion and/or Backstreet Boys!?

After a whirlwind afternoon of pre-show insanity (including an expedition to the Spanx store and packaging lamb shanks TO GO to eat cold in my room after the show, yes, really) it was truly, finally time for **the show**. I'm seriously kicking around an entire blog post in my brain that's called "What Britney Spears Means to Me." But in the meantime I'll just say, in the year 2017, I have become what I'm calling "a late-in-life Spearsophile" and while it was honestly not the best vocal concerto I have ever been to, it was a really FUN show and not disappointing to see her perform in person. And then we went out and saw Martin Garrix :D

And then I was sssooo proud of myself for being an adult and going to bed and getting up bright eyed and bushy tailed to fly to NYC (Vegas - 1, Priya - 1.) After flying across the country, I had just enough time to get two slices of that NY za and tuck Carina in before she said "go be friends!" to me and Michael. And so, minutes after meeting her new boyfriend, I was accompanying him to his best friend's wife's birthday outing (just in time to make a toast! SERIOUSLY. Life is fun.)

The marathon was incredible- truly an operational feat with 60,000 runners, 120 countries represented, and the most amazing fans lining the entire course (I say that like I was running. I was not.) Aided by Taylor Swift Inspired signs and Little Peanut Fan Club t-shirts, Carina ran her personal best AND qualified for Boston! I was so proud of her!!!

And then, we hugged goodbye and Carina said "sorry we didn't get to hang out this weekend." But I did make a new buddy who is seriously in contention for boyfriend of the year.

Now I love a crazy weekend (see: 36 Hours In...), but this one was wild even for me. But I'm really super thankful to be able to make trips like this, and have friends that will cater to my crazy whims and meet me AND fly me out to cheer them on :) sorry that is post is INSANE too, but, accurate vibe for last weekend!

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