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Helllooo! I skipped over sharing January's Small Goals because there was a lot of blogging going on, but I'm excited to be back on the wagon because January was a great month to get stuff DONE, and I have big plans for February. First, here's what I was working on this past month.

January's Small Goals:

1. Find a new place to live | YUP! This was, understandably, the biggest thing on my mind last month. In the past I've always lived with roommates, but as I was considering my options this time around, I found a perfect spot just for me! I am actually so excited to be living alone for the first time ever. I'm still very much in the moving in phase, but, I'm sure I'll be sharing more soon about finally having a place of my own!!
2. Cleanse | YUP! After the debauchery of the holidays, January is the perfect time to do a little cleanse. To kick off my fitness goals for the year, I cut out alcohol, dairy, gluten, and sugar (my exception to this was for coffee creamer.) I've shared before that I have ZERO self-control when it comes to basically any kind of consumption, which was really my angle in all of this. That, and just feeling good by focusing on eating things that are good for me, instead of like, cookies for dinner, which happens sometimes. I'm really proud of myself for doing the best I've ever done and sticking to this! I had a couple of exceptions built in (when Jenae was in town) but otherwise, I'm giving myself this one!
3. No-buy month | NOPE! I was feeling seriously worn out by consumerism at the end of December, (as was my bank account) and knowing I'd be spending money on stuff for my new place, the goal was to not purchase any clothing/shoes/make-up/etc. I actually made it without any apparel, but a couple make-up-y things I had my eye on were on a pretty good sale. So I can't give myself this one, but I came pretty close.
4. Book tickets to somewhere | YUP! January can feel like such a never-ending drag after the holidays, with the gross weather, all of that. The easiest way to remedy this is have a trip on the books PLUS I've found that airfare is usually really cheap this time of year. I am SO EXCITED to have booked a trip to Mexico City with my sister for the end of February!
5. Dentist appt | YUP! Y'all I am so embarrassed that this is still the same dentist appt. I've been meaning to book since...November? You know how these things just get away from you? Plus, I hadn't even found a new dentist after switching insurance in June. But I finally found a dentist and scheduled this!
6. Clean car | NOPE! My car was pretty dirty, and the start of the year is a great time for all of these refresh tasks however I started moving, and now my car is a total wreck, but I figured, what's the point in doing this before I'm done moving? There we go. Rolling this over.

February's Small Goals:

1. Take my marathon training up a notch | January was dreary, cold, wet, snowy, and not ideal for training for a race! At the end of the month, I had a little freak out when I realized I was exactly 3 months out from the race (April 28th.) Commence getting my shit together. I whipped out my planner, wrote out the mileage I need to hit every week until the race, and I'm so encouraged that I already have two of my longest runs (so far) under my belt! I also had to change up my weekly workout schedule a bit, to better accommodate race training. I switched to three runs and two BBG workouts (IF possible) instead of the other way around, because I was too sore from the BBG to get in good runs (I mean, duh, Priya) which is really my priority right now. Lemme know if you want to talk marathon training/#fitness because I can talk about this forever.
2. Get new trainers | Also part of #1. The trainers I'm running in are about a year old, so I'm due!
3. Haircut | My hair is out of control. I need to get this on the books after Mardi Gras.
4. Plan Sabbatical | Probably my most exciting personal news IS THAT: I am eligible for a one-month sabbatical after being with my company for five years this October! Even if I don't have all my travel booked this month, my goal is to have planned out where I'll be/what I'll be doing. Lots more about this to come. 
5. Clean car || I will both need and appreciate this more after all the junk that's been rolling around in my car during my move.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to share my monthly favorites this year- in beauty, pop culture, shopping, life, etc. (like my 2017 series and "Current State of the Union" posts before that.) Those posts can get tedious, but I know a few months into 2018 I'll be itching to share. Maybe it will be a quarterly thing? This is just not the time or place :) What works for you? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and I'm linking up with Nicole for Small Goals!

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