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Hey y'all! How's April treating you so far? I was trying to think of some way to recap last month but...I've got nothing. March was good! Things seem to be really picking up, all around, as the weather warms up, and I am hereee for it! Sometimes small goals can suffer as a result of, you know, life, but overall, I did ok!

Here's a look back at March:

1. Decorate my living room | 
I'm not giving myself this one, but I'm getting really really close! I still have a few pieces of furniture to order, but this month I took care of the big stuff: couch, area rug, and a general plan for the room.

2. Do my taxes | DONE! 

3. Plan a special weekend with my Mom | DONE! 
I had an amazing time with my Mom a few weeks ago. The weather wasn't great, so our activities were somewhat limited, but we did go out to dinner, pot some plants, cook a lot at my house, go to the movies, and snuggle! It was great. 

4. Write some kind of quarterly favorites post | 
I've written somewhat of an outline for this, but still not quite there. 

5. Make 4 smoothies | DONE! 
I crushed this goal maybe unlike any goal I've ever shared on this blog. I think I have used my NutriBullet nearly every morning since I tried it for the first time. I am obsessed. I could write a whole blog post about this! It is so so handy to use and I love starting my day with a bunch of fruits + veggies.

6. A surprise one that I can't share yet | DONE! 
After the fact I was able to share that I spent a week working out of our San Francisco office AND combined that with surprising my bestie, Steph, at her birthday party! It was such a fun surprise!

And here's what I'm working on in April:

1. Get my house close to done! |
I'm still working on getting completely furnished and organized after moving into a new place in February (context- previously I didn't own ANY furniture except for what was in my bedroom, and now I'm living in a place by myself.) Things are definitely livable, especially after a trip to IKEA this weekend! I still need to: order a few more things for my living room, put stuff up on the walls, and update my bathroom. My goal is to have this done by the last weekend in April when I have sibs in town!

2. Do a capsule project |
I have been in SUCH a rut lately of hating everything in my closet and feeling like I have nothing to wear. Which is ridiculous, of course, because I have more than enough. So it's definitely time for a little capsule project. I'm really hoping this re-inspires me with just how much potential I already have in my closet (and even a small section of it!) What this will look like exactly, I'm not sure, but I will keep you posted. We do have our big conference at work next week, so I will likely start after that. 

3. Qualify for the Boston Marathon |
I am putting this out into the universe to establish that this is, officially, the goal, for when I run the Nashville marathon on April 28th (coming up fast!) While this is the goal, I am totally ok with things going either way. I figure, if I qualify, amazing, if I don't, I don't have to train for another marathon! And I'll be honest, I'm at the stage of training where everything hurts all the time and I am OVER it. So, we'll see! 

4. Sign up for a new credit card |
I got my first credit card as soon as I got a "real job" after college. My Southwest Rapid Rewards card has been great, and definitely made sense since I'm always flying back and forth to California. After talking it over with my financial advisor/life coach, I'm ready to get a little more out of my cc points/rewards, and upgrade from "baby's first credit card." This is random but if you have a credit card you absolutely love, tell me about it (referral codes welcome!) 

5. Adjust my finances |
Feeling very adult with all of my financially-related goals! I have some bills to take care of and recurring payments to set up and adjust, fun stuff! 

6. Visit the tailor
This also feels kinda lame to include, but I have a small pile of things that has been accumulating in my trunk and I just need to take them to the tailor already. One way to make sure this gets done is to have the entire world keeping me accountable ;) 

If you have small (or big!) goals for April, I would love to hear about them! 

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