May Boxycharm Review

It's Boxycharm time!

Really quick if you're new around here, here's the scoop: Boxycharm is a subscription service that sends you 4-5 (or 6+) full-sized products a month for $20. I'm no stranger to subscription boxes, but I just can't quit this one because it's head and shoulders above the others! Like I say every month, the retail value of ONE item usually covers the price of the box. And I really love receiving quality brands like Cover Fx, Pretty Vulgar, and PUR (and in the past, Tarte, MAC, ColourPop, to name a few!) Check out all my past Boxycharm reviews here.

And get yourself a little Boxycharm right here!

The theme for May was "Boxy Bash", because Boxycharm had a birthday. Everyone received s i x products, which was quite generous!

+ PÜR Sculptor Palette | retail value: $30
I was excited to receive this because my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is basically done, but guys, this is DARK. I am a medium tan-ish myself and have had a hard time finding bronzer that is dark enough, but I kinda can't believe they sent this out to everyone. I'm able to make the bronzer work (not my favorite, it's patchy too) but the highlights are pretty! I especially like the gold shimmer in the bottom left.

Aesthetica P12 Face Brush | retail value: $27
I was pleasantly surprised by this brush, that I initially thought was too fluffy to use with the contour palette. I've been using it for both bronzer and blush, and loving it! I'll be using it for all over bronzer all Summer. I am shocked at the price of these Aesthetica brushes though. I would never ever pay $27 for a brush I like equally/not as much as the Wet n Wild Pro Line.

+ Aesthetica Pro Brush Series | retail value: $45
Again, how is this $45? I did not previously own a spoolie brush, so that was great to add to my collection. The other two brushes were specifically for the eyeliner pot that also came in the box. I've tried them both out a couple times, and here's the thing: do they apply the eyeliner? Yes. Are they the best eyeliner brushes ever like the retail price would suggest? No! I found especially the skinny one to be not the best. I'm not an eyeliner expert, but that's my $0.02.

Cover Fx Blurring Primer | retail value: $38
This primer boasts "pore blurring" qualities, which is not something I'm super interested in. I do like it, Cover Fx is a great brand, and after several trials, I would say it works as well as other primers I own (though I'm more partial to an illuminating one.) Interestingly, this primer comes out looking a bit like a BB cream, but blends in sheer. I think unless I try a truly terrible primer I won't know the difference (sorry, beauty newb.)

+ Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner | retail value: $22
It's been a minute since I used into a gel eyeliner in a pot like this! Boxycharm has sent me a few Pretty Vulgar products, and I've generally enjoyed them. This eyeliner goes on super smooth, and stays in place pretty well (some transfer to your eyelid when you first apply, but I think that's normal until it dries.) Until if and when I ever get handy with eyeliner like this, I think my preference will still be a "felt tip pen" eyeliner (just ordered this one at Kate's rec!)

Beauty Creations Long Wear Matte Lipstick in Sweet Heart | retail value: $10
This is most definitely a liquid lipstick that is long-lasting and does not transfer (I swatched it when I first got it and could not scrub it off in the shower!) Downsides - a bit sticky, and my main complaint is that Boxycharm has sent me almost an identical lip product like 5 TIMES! This might be the one downside to Boxycharm - I believe they are sending products for universal skin tones (though we did recently fill out a color profile) but can we PLEASE get an all-flattering red or coral or pink??

TOTAL VALUE: $172 (priciest one yet!!)

Please fill me in on the beauty loves of your life, currently! Thanks for reading.

P.S. I'm out the door, on the way to the beach for a long birthday weekend. TTYS!

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