Get Ready With Me: Thanksgiving 2020! / VLOG

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I have blogged a lot about Thanksgiving over the years (looking back at those old photos 😩.) But, like a lot of people, Thanksgiving looked a little different this year. Art & I cancelled plans to drive to Florida (where his family is) and chose to stay home, just the two of us (three including Piper!) We still decided to get dressed up for dinner, to make things a little more special (even if we changed directly back into sweats ;). I thought doing a festive make-up look would be fun, and also a good chance to vlog! To see more about our Thanksgiving Day, just watch the video :) 

This is, to me, a quintessentially "Thanksgiving" look - all warm tones, a wine colored lip, cranberry/berry shades, fake lashes, and, BAKING! Not pumpkin pies, real baking! I also tried out two brand new foundations - spoiler, they were both too light, and it was a bit of a disaster, but I think it all worked out! 

I hope you like the look & I would love it if you head over to YouTube & subscribe to my channel! xo

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