Target Try-On Haul / VIDEO


On the heels of my decision to do a make-up no buy in 2021, I have been shopping a LOT. I'm trying to keep it in perspective: I don't think this would be considered a lot for a "blogger", but it feels like a lot for me! To be honest, I'm bored, it makes me feel better, I haven't shopped much in the last few years, I have some disposable income, AND, most importantly, like I mentioned recently, my style needed a shake-up. 

Like most, I spend the majority of 2020 in comfy clothes/loungewear, but the few times I did have to actually "get dressed" left me completely stumped. Who am I? What do I like to wear? What do I feel confident in? What looks good on me? All questions I found myself asking. As you know, personal style and fashion is something I enjoy and have fun with (hence this blog), but I was NOT having fun getting dressed. This felt really weird to me. 

All that to say -- a few weeks ago, I ventured to Target to peruse their clothing offerings. I always love stopping by the clothing section when I'm there - and specifically the clearance section. I always seem to find a gem or two! On this day I found so. much. good stuff! I was giddy about so many of my finds that I thought it would be fun to shoot a vlog breaking down all of my purchases - why I picked them up, how much I paid, etc. (I talk more about my rationale for buying things in this video, aka, what I'm NOT saying is - "buy things because they are cheap" I have made this mistake many many times.) 

Also not only for fun #content, but to help out future Pri, I styled each new item once or twice. It's funny, but without fail, like, since high school: whenever I'm feeling like I'm a style rut, the thing that helps me out is simply playing around in my closet. I turn on some music, grab a drink, allow myself to turn my bedroom upside down, and just keep trying pieces out until I find a way I love to wear them. That's what I did here, just with a camera on :)

This was my first foray into "fashion vlogging" and kinda the mashup of my blog + YouTube, so I hope you enjoy it!! Lots of these items still available online (and at your local Target, I'm sure) so I've linked down below! 


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