a thankful Friday & update on my goals

This was supposed to be a thankful Thursday...obviously that didn't happen. And I'm choosing to recap my goals today because let's be real, once the weekend hits, anything I didn't do already won't be done!

I am thankful for this guy, and especially that he's coming back TODAY so I get to see him!
I am thankful for Zeus, the giant, blind, chocolate lab we are dog-sitting at the house.
I am thankful for earning my first paycheck at my intern job!

I am thankful for my fabulous manicure that makes me feel like a million bucks. 
Feel free to laugh at this picture with me. 

I am thankful for the sunshine and big sunglasses to wear in it.
I am thankful that I have a bus stop right outside my house, and that the bus system rocks.

I am thankful for my sweet friends and the time I can spend with them.

Not to get stupid here but I'm thankful for my readership! And the people that entered my "giveaway" because now I can write to you! 

As for my goals...
1. Eat right: I have been cooking, packing, and eating right! I'm also determined to make sure none of the food I bought goes bad or gets wasted. Minus a quick dinner at the Den one night, I'd say I did pretty well here.
2. Read a book: I am a little over halfway through Confessions, hoping to read some on my lunch, and just got The Girl Who Played With Fire from Shelby, so that's my next pick!
3. Excercise daily: Well. I ran in a thunderstorm, and I finally did a Zumba class again that was great. Then things got a little busy and I picked other stuff over excercise. But I have been walking! I'll probably try this one a little harder next week.
4. Finish unpacking: I got hangers, finally, and just have a few more things to hang up and I'm totally settled in the garage!
5. Enjoy time: Totally check. I've spent time this week with girls and at our house, that's been so fun. 
6. Work: I would say check. I've knocked out a few more projects, gone on some property visits, had some meetings...I can always stand to be more productive though so that's back on the list.
7. Sleep: Has been on & off but the past two nights have been long and full and glorious!
8. Blessing not pain: Well, there's no concrete way to measure this, but I'd say I've done pretty well. I try and be extra polite to the bus drivers, because I think they put up with a lot. And I've really connected with more people at work, which has been lovely.

Thanks for hanging around this week! I hope you have the most fantastic weekend! 


coe said...

I love the goal idea.. I'm going to copy you and do the same! I love you. You are my hero.

Priya said...

Stoppp itttt you're my hipster hero. Making lists always helps, remember? :) I love you more, duh.

Ree said...

I was happy to see you wrote "a lot" and I'll be even more happy if, when you say you're reading Confessions, that means that you're reading Augustine! If it doesn't mean that, you can redeem yourself by reading his Confessions next. :) Certainly not a quick or simple read, but it's definitely worth the effort!

Priya said...

Oh Auntie Ree, I love it that you are commenting on my blog! I have made a conscious effort to change my spelling of the words you advised me on. And I'll certainly look up Augustine, but no promises.

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