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   Hi everyone! After spending a day on two buses and in Atlanta, I have arrived in Charlotte, NC, where my baby brother is going away to college! I have been absolutely plagued by spotty WiFi (even at the CNN Center, where I thought for sure, if anywhere in the world, I could get on the internet), and I'll be trying to soak up every moment I can with them, but I can't wait to share some pictures and adventures when I'm back in Nashville!

   In the midst of this crazy week, I've been thinking a lot about blogging, and my thoughts usually fall into three categories:

1. Blog-enthusiasm: That high when you WANT to write. You want to post, you feel excited, you feel like you could type for ages and you're in a "Blogging is for ME! Who cares if I have 6 followers?" mood. A great idea for a post hits you in class and you realize you have a computer at your fingertips.
1a. Blog-enthusiasm anxiety: A subset of this is. When you have a really good idea for a post and then you forget it.
2. Blog-guilt: When you neglect your blog for a few days and you think, man, I should really write a blog post for my 6 followers or I might loose them. The first rule of blogging is to be consistent. I need something exciting to happen in my life or else I will make something up and take pictures of it.
3. Blog-envy: When you read everyone else's blog and think: Why is their life perfect? How did they get their Twitter to link? Where did they find that cool layout? Why does everyone know how to make a good, professional-looking blog but me? Why does everything they wear look so fantastic? How can their kids be so cute and well-behaved? Where did they find the most perfect husband in the world?

   I read an interesting post the other day by Alissa at The Adored Life, where in a letter written to her (in the future) by her 21-year-old self, she writes, "You are not allowed to focus on the blog as a way of validating yourself. You are blogging for yourself, yes, it's incredibly fun and you have met great people, but don't make it about numbers or stats." 
   Maybe that's a duh for you, but for me, it was incredibly profound. Why do people use their blog as a way to validate themselves? To prove to themselves and others that they are smart enough, funny enough, a good enough writer, or wear cool enough clothes? I realize that's just silly, and if you're not loving it, you shouldn't be doing it. 

   This doesn't end up changing much about my blog itself, although I think it will change some thoughts behind what I'm writing. I honestly started this blog during a transition in my life. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally decided, "If I do stop running cross-country/track, then I will start a blog." And here I am. 

   To lighten up this text-heavy (and maybe young-adult-angsty) post, I present to you, our e-card of the week:
Funny Flirting Ecard: If I had a blog, I'd write a reasonably pleasant post about you.
   Does any of this resonate with you? I'd love to hear about your thoughts on blogging and how you keep yourself inspired and blogging for yourself. Happy Friday to everyone!


Ali W. said...

I love this post so much. It's all so true. These are all things that I have definitely felt and had to learn as I've gotten a little into the "blogging world." Blogging should totally be for fun. When I over-think things or stress over my blog- it's impossible to even write. I love the part about the blog guilt too. hahahaha. TOTALLY have felt that. Love this. Love all of your posts Priya!

Elana said...

So I've had this tab up since yesterday as I kept convincing myself that I would have time to comment on it and that I NEEDED to comment on it. Basically, I'm in love with this post. I think that your categories are all too relatable and it hit me how much time and energy we all devote to these little blogs of ours. I think I enjoyed this so much because lately I've actually been thinking about my views on blogging. When I started, I had the completely unrealistic/dumb thought that I would start a successful blog, get sent free stuff, and use it as a stepping stone for my career. Now, I realize that I don't care about any of those things anymore (though I'll admit, it would be nice to get free clothes...) and the reasons my blog has consumed my life so much are completely different. Now, it's mostly about having a consistent writing outlet and especially about the people I have met and am continuing to meet. Obviously, you are included in this. By the way, I'm happy I can FINALLY follow your blog! You definitely have more than 6 followers, I think we just couldn't follow you before. As usual, I apologize for the unnecessarily long rant, but I'm fairly positive you understand :)

Priya said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Ali! You're so right, over-thinking things is the worst bloggers-block that you can have! Some of your thoughts inspired me on this, so thanks for that too!

Priya said...

AH totally understand, thank you Elana! Ok, I'm glad you were able to follow me! and I think it's tricky because of this dumb layout I'm stuck in, I'm pretty much clueless on that stuff. I completely agree with having a consistent writing outlet! If that's what your blog can truly be, it removes so much stress and that is wonderful. Also meeting people like you :) Loved reading your thoughts, so thanks again!

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