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a creative quote and a self quote
   One of my favorite things about reading blogs is that feeling of getting inspired.
   I love any way of being creative, I cannot claim to be an artist (or especially, a good one) but I still love it. After reading "21 Ways To Be More Creative" posted by Nataly, I can say I have resolve and determination to add more acts of creativity in my life, specifically, by doing one act of creativity every day.
   This would normally freak me out (because like I've said before, I was the kid who asked my teachers to do my art projects for me) but I need to remind myself that there are so many ways to be creative. Creativity does not mean a paintbrush and canvas (although, I would like to get into that!) or oil pastels. I can use any medium I want, so I really don't have a excuse not to.
   I would encourage you to take a look at that article! It definitely provided me with some ideas such as: reading poetry aloud (ok, sometimes I do that, it's not weird? Hooray!), making a collage (old Glamours here I come!), taking a walk (creative + calorie burning? Done.), doing something in silence, and turning off your T.V. I want to try all of those!

   Still in Charlotte, loving the moments with my mom and younger brother (when we steal him away from his orientation). North Carolina is certainly beautiful! Mom and I have spent a lot of time driving around (not always purposely) and gawking at the gorgeous houses, greenery, and Lake Norman). I plan to put those pictures up tomorrow as I will be traveling back to Nashville. All day. Here's one teaser to keep you interested:
Isn't this beautiful? Mom and I sat here for awhile eating ice cream until we got kicked off because it's private property. Oh well.

   And on that note of being creative: I changed up my blog! No more dynamic views that were messing up my life completely (dramatic). Now you can actually follow me, if you would like to do so!
   Also, a desperate plea: if anyone is handy with blogs (and I know so many of you are!) I would love some help sprucing mine up, or at least getting a custom title/header/picture in the empty space up top. I would be ETERNALLY grateful! Some cupcakes may be in order :)
   Hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend! Creativity is just as important as exercise in your life, so go ahead and add that one act a day! And keep me posted. 

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