white skirt revival

   I'm actually in a good mood today! It's like I told my pal Andrea in Physics, I'm in a bad mood like everyday but today I feel pretty good. It's not actually a bad mood, more like, a range of two extremes (best day of my life-->my life is about to end). 
   Could it be because I finally discovered a way (with help from Brynn) to wear this skirt? I forgot how refreshing it is to get a second opinion when you're getting dressed, and I don't know why I didn't think simpler, sooner!
shirt- Madewell, skirt- A&F, wedges- Bakers, necklace- gift from Jacqui (31 Bits), necklace- gift from Huntee (Dominican Republic)
My outfit shoots are honest. Here I am honestly untangling my necklaces. The first of which was a gift from my dear friend, Jacqui. Those red beads are made from recycled paper by ladies in Africa! I love a good necklace, especially when it's helping someone other than me.
The second one was brought back from the Dominican Republic by Hunter! I initially thought it was a whistle, not a whistle, I still love it.
Here I am pondering my skirt (stolen from my sister, in high school). Like, is this even in style anymore? Remember when these "petticoat" skirts were really popular? 
I leave you with a direct quote from Hunter "If I stressed as much about what I wear as you, I would hate my life too." Love him (and I don't hate my life).

Have a wonderful day!


Nautical Stripes said...

I seriously love your hair and I know I say that all the time, but I wish I had your beautiful hair!


Oeendree mukherjee said...

Lovely outfit and beautiful you!

<3 From: www.thedocndiva.com

Elana said...

I'm seriously in love with those necklaces and I love the red one even more now that I know where it's from. I also love how exciting it is to FINALLY make something work after struggling with it for so long. You definitely make this skirt work, which I'm deciding is still in style (because I have the power to decide that). Also, Hunter is so right. It's very stressful, our lives are so hard.

Priya said...

Aww Mindy! I am in a constant battle and love/hate relationship with it, but thank you so much!!

Priya said...

Thanks for your kind words!

Priya said...

Gee thanks Elana! I am SO glad you think it's still in style too, relief! Ha Hunter's comment made me laugh out loud. He's always giving me grief about fashion.

Ali W. said...

You look gorgeous! Umm...I think YOU need to do a hair tutorial. You seriously have the best hair. You look darling with bangs too. :) I wish I could pull them off. This outfit looks great together. Love the necklace (I would have thought it was a whistle too) haha. Also...I am totally with ya with the "bad mood" thing. hahaha. I'm the same way most days!

Alexa said...

love this outfit <3 white skirts are soo great! i need to wear mine soon <3 love how you paired it with a simple gray v-neck and that bright necklace :) this outfit is soo cute! i absolutely love your hair! it's soo gorgeous! I'm glad you had a good day! it's always more fun to be in a good mood and i definitely tend to exaggerate as well when things don't go my way i'm like ahhh this is the worst day of my life!!!

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thank you Ali, you are too sweet! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one :)

Priya said...

Haha it does make things more bearable doesn't it? Thank you so much Alexa! I'm glad you like it!

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