booties take twosies

   This little shoot happened in a slow moment in the middle of a very busy day. I was so excited to finally wear this blouse, and of course my new booties/belt. Brynn, Hunter, and I walked down the back alley behind my house, where this old shed (barn?) stands at the very end. I've walked and ridden my bike by it several times and KNEW it had to be a photo spot. I love the texture of it; the chipping paint, the split boards, the brush framing the bottom, and the old red brick. It was really a nice moment in the day, and I felt fab having a crew with me ;)
 top- handmade, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, pants- Old Navy, booties- Target, bracelet L- gift from Rachel, bracelet R- handmade 
   The beginning of this week felt like fall (now we're about to have thunderstorms, bleh) so I was ready to wear these booties everyday! I can already think of a bunch more ways to wear them! I should keep finding items I want, and then hold out on buying them so I am thrilled and inspired once I get them. I think they're really going to be my "fall" shoe (I feel like such a fashion snob)! 
   This blouse has been sitting in my closet since I brought it from home at the beginning of the summer. It was originally (wait for it) part of a musical costume my mom made for me, my sophomore year of high school! I've kept it this whole time, thinking, "It's not that weird, maybe I can wear it in real life one day." Having worn all measure of crazy, hideous, and most certainly NOT real-life wearable costumes in my day, actually wearing one is like a big inside joke. 
   I desperately wanted to find a way to style it, but I was so stumped. My cool friend and now housie Brynn is a whiz at that stuff (no really. She went to fashion week. Visit her at being/ELLIOTT) so naturally I asked her. I've been doing that quite a bit lately and I feel FAB having a stylist! Seriously, asking her questions about new ways to wear old pieces of clothing has totally spiced up my wardrobe. I recommend grabbing a stylish friend you admire and asking her/him for some advice! Getting a new set of eyes to look at your closet makes all the difference!
   Honestly though, why don't I follow my own advice? After four years of telling my roommate Amanda, "If you ever find yourself asking the question, 'What shoes should I wear with this?', the answer is always black flats." I should have realized that the answer is also black pants. Like these black pants that I wear with everything. Whose mint green and blue cousins are on their way to me!
    And here's what Hunter was doing while we took these pictures...no he wasn't offering me suggestions or helping us with lighting (I told him to bring a leaf blower!), he was being a boy and throwing rocks.
   I actually had my shirt untucked for most of the day, but Brynn suggested the half-tuck so I could show off my new belt! It's leopard print and calf hair! And orange!

   Tonight is a monumental night for me: I have NO rehearsal, and NO work (job OR schoolwork!). I barely even know what to do with myself. Probably see some friends and live it up, because I haven't had a night like this in a month! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Oh P.S. just turned on the new Mumford & Sons...this is THE most perfect fall music!



Nataly said...

oh, you look so adorable!!! And I love the setting ;-) so qtttt. This whole outfit is just awesome and I want it and my goal in life is to have your hair.

Elana said...

Ooh, I really love this. It looks very simple (in a good way) at first glance, but there's such beautiful little details. I love minimalism like this. And you should definitely wear these shoes every day. Ha, I still have a renaissance- esque vest that I stole from our theater's costume closet in high school, but I still have never found a way to style it. You've inspired me to pull it out next time I go home. Also, I think your friend Brynn is in the same Modcloth Facebook group as I am, I'm pretty sure I remember her posting her blog in there at one point. I'm creepy like that. Have a great night!

LEIGH said...

You are right, black pants are definitely working for you! I would love to snag me a pair of black pants too... And I love your booties! They are so cute!

Priya said...

Thanks Nataly! Try it out, it's simple; white blouse and black pants! Can't wait to see it :) and thank you, you are sweet!

Priya said...

Why thank you Elana! Oh my gosh, you have a theater piece too?! Go for it! I have another blouse from this same show that is a little crazier (although, chiffon) but I would like to make it work! It's all about having fun. Yes, Brynn is involved in all cool things so I'm sure that is her! Ha!

Priya said...

Thanks Leigh! I totally recommend these from Old Navy, this is actually my second pair!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

So many good things about this outfit! I love your new booties and belt. Oh, and I think you totally rocked that "costume" shirt! It looks awesome! And last but not least, I'm glad to hear you had the night off to relax and have fun with friends ;)


Miss Doyle said...

In my opinion, the half-tuck is a look very few people can pull off, but gauging from these pics, you are one of those people. I love the whole look.

Priya said...

Thank you Marie! You are too sweet.

Priya said...

Ah thanks Miss Doyle! I was a little skeptical myself, but it was the perfect (and only) way to highlight my belt.

Alexa said...

you look soo good in these pants <3 i am so digging your fall outfits! can't wait for more! and these booties are beyond adorable...i really need a pair like them

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thanks Alexa! Just got the booties from Target recently!

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