friday i'm in love

with my boyfriend, Hunter.
with my housies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYNN!
with my family. i miss you guys.
with my bike, Whitney, thank you for being dependable!
with my girls. you ladies are the best.

Just realized I never shared pictures from Amanda's birthday celebration, last weekend. Never too late for a weekend update, right?
we had fun.

   Last night I unexpectedly went bowling for our friend Ben's birthday. My favorite part was jumping up and having Hunter spin me around every time I got a strike (which was a few times, I'm decent). After 4 1/2 games, (we payed for the all you can bowl) I was done. Hunter continued bowling for 2 people until 6 games had elapsed because he is cray. 
   Afterwards we visited Ben & Grace's newlywed over-the-garage apartment, all decorated for fall. It is adorable, and got me to thinking...good for them for having it completey decorated from their wedding. It's their first apartment. And it's the perfect size for two. That's special.

   Can it be FRIDAY?! Hooray! After getting a day off from rehearsal we are back in full-swing, nothing like a little Friday night dance rehearsal. At least, as my housie Emily pointed out, I will be dancing. Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!


Alexa said...

aww gorgeous pics <3 looks like a wonderful time!

Alexa <3

Katherine said...

the birthday fun looks like a great time. i miss being around friends for their birthday!

<3 katherine

Priya said...

Thank you Alexa!

Priya said...

Thanks! It's so hard to remember everyone's, but I made that a goal for the year and wrote everyone's down in my planner!

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