this shirt again. I know.

   At this point, I'm sure you're about to disown me as a fashion blogger, because I present to you yet ANOTHER look with a stripey button-down. 
top- thrifted Ralph Lauren, cargos- A&F c/o Carina, flats- J.Crew c/o Carina
     The main drive of this outfit was the cargo pants, another circa 10th grade piece I stole from my sister (or rather, she gave to me, because I ripped a hole in the butt while jumping on a trampoline). My question? Are they still relevant as pants? Cargo pants are trendy right? But how are you actually supposed to wear them? Brynn suggested a button-down, which brings us to Friday's outfit. 
   Maybe I should make this a signature of my blog or do a "3 Ways To Wear This" feature. Scratch that, I've worn my two stripey button-ups way more than 3 times already. I could title this feature "The Piece You Can Do All Of Your Outfit Posts With, At The Fear Of Losing Credibility As A Fashion Blogger." Catchy?
    I think these shoes are awesome, but also rarely wear them because they also stump me. I chose them Friday as I was running out the door...they turned out to be pretty handy because it was rainy (as evidenced by puddly splotches on the ground).
   As I'm sure you've noticed by now (as I am emphasizing my tied-up shirt in nearly EVERY picture) I tied up my shirt! The scandal! Otherwise this beauty is just too long. I've only ever tied a shirt over a dress before, so this was new for me. It wasn't really that comfortable but I'll pretend it was for the sake of this outfit. 

Snazzy pictures by Huntee. 

My jaunt at my old desk job, although lofty the aspirations, has primarily resulted in this blog post. 
And clean laundry. 
And a 1000th tweet. 


Alexa said...

loving the pants <3 soo cute! this look is perfect because its super cute and casual! loving the shoes too! you have such a great eye for fashion :) btw sorry for the comment overload. busy week so i didnt get time to stop by but i wanted to catch up on all your amazing posts

Alexa <3

MorgHarpNich.com said...

cute! very laid back. nothing wrong with repeats! especially when they are good ones
and i really like these colors together! i'm such a brown and rust-color person. i need to branch out more!

Larissa said...

I love this shirt! So it's just fine to post it again and againt :)



Katherine said...

i love those flats - and the tie top is so cute!

<3 katherine

Priya said...

Thank you Alexa! HA you can comment overload me anytime!!

Priya said...

Well thanks Morgan! Brown and rust is perfect for fall, so don't change yet!

Priya said...

Oh good, because it's been on repeat lately! Thanks Larissa!

Priya said...

I love them too and wish I wore them more often! Thanks Katherine!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I have a pair of old cargo pants in my closet that I never seem to wear because I dont know how! I actually LIKE how it looks with the button down shirt, so thanks for the inspiration. And hey, if the button down shirt works, why not wear it to death right? If it isn't broken, dont fix it, right? :)


Priya said...

These had been stuck in my closet forever too! I'd love to see how you style yours! A button-down totally works! And you're right! Thanks Marie!

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