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Anyone else feeling crazy festive at this time in October?
There's two weeks left til Halloween (and opening night of the show!) and I'm noticing the season creeping into all spots of my life. 
Take, for example, Exhibit A: last Saturday night. And basically every day of my life. SO much candy! Anyone else binging on candy lately? Note: the dish in the photo below is also filled with candy. I feel that my teeth are about to rot out of my face!
 Our house has been feeling SUPER cozy lately (despite 75 degree weather), thanks to lots of candles. I put these two together myself and felt pretty smart. We of course have plenty of jar lids, which make the perfect little dock for a votive candle! If you let the candle burn down, it melts into the lid like it's own little candle! Genius! 
I should add that this afternoon, I had my first experience at a cute dorky door-to-door fundraiser salesman! That was SO me ten years ago! I didn't particularly have $25 to spend on a Yankee candle, but he played the OBOE (and I don't have any "holiday" scented candles anyway). 
 I broke out my Halloween socks (two pair). Perfect for rehearsal when everyone dresses kinda crazy, not perfect when you have to go to lab beforehand. And just look like the goth, Hot-Topic-shopping, overenthusiastic, girl with a triple beam balance. 
 And also my jack-o-lantern boxers. Again, perfect for when you're feeling festive and sleepy in the privacy of your own home, not perfect when you participate in a #yolo late-night McDonald's trip when the group decides to go INSIDE. 
These hospital-issue pants provided us with so much amusement this afternoon. And I have to say, got me thinking about costumes.
Due to dress rehearsals (and Halloween being the day before opening night) my dreams of a Monster Mash in the basement and overall holiday are gonna be pretty low-key.
But not obselete! We DO have plans of celebrating and attending a costume party! Which begs for a couple-y costume. Ideas? Anyone?

Three cheers for fall break! One beautiful, gorgeous, day with no class or rehearsal (tomorrow)! 


Larissa said...

Haha! I have this experiment at the moment not to eat industrial sugar for two month (posted a little about it in my before-last post ;)) so when i see all this candy I get a little mad, cause I also want some ;) No, actually it feels quite good not to eat sugar for some time. I have the impression my skin is more clean and shiny and I even lost a little weight. And I come up with a lot of cookie-recipes and stuff made without sugar, so it also makes me more creative ;)
have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Awww I love this post! I've been burning fall candles like crazy and desperately trying to refrain from purchasing candy. I don't have any cute couple ideas this year (been racking my brain for pop culture this year). The year Kanye interupped Taylor Swift at the VMAs we went as them. I got really into it and made a dress that looked like hers and made a fake moon man statue from an action figure spray painted silver! IT my favorite costume ever! I hope you think of something cute because I'm stuck this year!

xo Jenny

Alexa said...

loving the boxers <3 you are too cute priya!

Alexa <3

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