after dinner mint

I suppose a more appropriate title for this would be "all day mint" because I wore these minty pants all day! Look at me wearing clothes that are actually in style! Meet pair #2 of my pop pants (sister to my black pants I always wear, and the pair that went to the pumpkin patch). Mint green feels very Pinterest-y and so trendy! Good job Priya!
 sweater- thrifted by Brynn, pants- Old Navy, bracelet- handmade, shoes- Target 
 I can't take credit for this beautiful thrifting find. My cool friend Brynn thrifts the coolest things (naturally). She showed me her new purchase a few days ago, then I wanted to wear my mint pants, and it all kinda fell together. Pretty sure my mom has a few tops like this...that will mysteriously disappear over Christmas ;)
Not sure if this is the blog-debut of my little leopard flats! Love these guys. I have a bad habit of stomping through mud/grass/bushes even when my shoes are made of suede/leather/sparkles. Which usually results in messy shoes. I really need to stop doing that. 
Nashville weather has relapsed into muggy end of summer stormy. I originally had boots on until it was NOT boot weather. The rest of the combo was perfect for a mild day and a cooler night! Winning!  

Guess how close I am to finishing my make-up work? One marketing section of a paper. For some reason it's the hardest thing to get done, ever. 
Planning to ride my bike to the farmer's market today and enjoy this sunny, high of 75 day! Hope you enjoy yours too! 


The Braided Bandit said...

Love the minty jeans and cozy sweater! Enjoy the farmers market! We have a nice day here too (though I am at work for 10 hours anyway haha)
xo Hannah

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

You trendy little thing - mint + leopard is lovely! You need to tell me where you girlie get these fabulous thrifted finds!

Miss Doyle said...

Leopard flats are on my must-have list for next month's budget. Love these. :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Your minty fresh pants are so pretty! I love it paired with leopard flats.


Katherine said...

i do the same thing with shoes - i always end up getting them dirty or icky. i mean i suppose that's what they are for though, right? and i LOVE this top - especially with those mint pants.

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Elana said...

Oh man, these pants are so great. You should never take them off. And I love this sweater! I'm sure your mom would understand if you took all of hers...

Unknown said...

Fabulous look! I love the mint and the leopard and the thriftiness, so great!

xo Jenny

Ali W. said...

Darling! Love the shoes with the mint pants. And I love your shirt. Everything is so cute. Hope you had lots of fun at the Farmer's Market! I love Farmer's Markets.

Alexa said...

Priya you are amazing! these pants are way too cute <3 love the leopard flats too! and that sweater is a great buy

Alexa <3

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