patchin' things up!

   See what I did there? 
   The only possible way for Hunter & I to incorporate fall dates (see my list here!) into our schedule right now is to sneak them in. Like this trip to the local pumpkin patch. Wednesday afternoon. After class. Before rehearsal. In the middle of his run (sooooo romantic).
 I was in pumpkin heaven! The only criteria for our home pumpkins was that they had to fit in my bike basket. Which means they had to be one of these small cute ones. Ok by me. 
 Here I am, carefully inspecting pumpkins based on size, color, and texture.
 I had to include this picture even though I look stupid, because this albino pumpkin started rolling away. Action shot! 
I guess this photo completely destroys the illusion of being on a pumkin farm, in the middle of the country...because there's the road. Anyway. Me holding a giant pumpkin. Making plans to carve one.
Pumpkins are so photogenic! Seeing the bright fall colors made me feel SO happy and festive. So, that explains allll the pictures I took. 
 Here's Hunter with the winning pumpkins! I realize this picture is not very masculine (sorry Hunt) but I think it is adorable. And it's my blog. Oh p.s. notice the scruff that Hunter has been growing? Well, he shaved yesterday. But it was a fun fuzzy lumberjack experiment. 
 So we carefully loaded them up in Whitney, my bike, to take them back to my house!
As I was biking, the littlest one fell out of my basket, onto the sidewalk, rolled across the street (in the middle of oncoming traffic), to the other side of the street, and into a ditch. That was the funniest moment of the day, me screaming "Hunter, my pumpkin!!!!" as I watched this little guy dodging tires. It didn't even get smashed! Just bruised.
But we gussied him up for the porch shot. And now they sit! Serving as a welcome reminder of fall :)
I also bought one more kind of pumpkin because they are delicious. It has been scientifically proven that Reeses cups taste better when they are in pumpkin form. Why is that? My sweet tooth has gotten out of control lately (i.e., I ate five pieces of fun-sized chocolate in class this morning) I suppose I'm gearing up for Halloween. Which will most likely consist of me buying myself candy and then eating it. 

Plans for the weekend: painting sets. Rehearsal. Working. Studying for a test. Writing a paper. 
FUN plans for the weekend: baking cupcakes. And pumpkin cinnamon rolls. And possibly visiting a haunted house (checking off my date list left and right)!

I hope everyone exciting plans! You're welcome for more pumpkin pictures than you ever wanted.



awesome :OOOOOO
- ♥♥♥ -

Larissa said...

Wow! How cool is that? Soooo many pumpkins! A these pictures are just great! I love pumpkins! By the way, I am just about to post one of my favorite butternut-pumpkin-recipes on my blog :)
Have a great weekend!

Elana said...

I love that you wore orange pants to a pumpkin patch, that's too cute. So are you and Hunter. And your bike. I'm pretty much on cuteness overload. Also, I still haven't gotten an email (if you ended up sending it?)! Did you send it to the right email? It's elanakat@gmail.com. If you didn't send one, then disregard my crazy talk.

Selene said...

lovely post!!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Glad you guys managed to squeeze in this cute date! I plan on carving a pumpkin this year too! I've never actually carved a pumpkin myself before (my brother and boyfriend usually do it) so it will be fun to try!


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

You two are too cute! Is that little "patch" over by the Green Hills Mall?... I think I have driven past it :)
Love your little cute baby punkins! And those adorable colored jeans... very festive indeed!

Alexa said...

you rock colored pants like no one's business <3 so adorable Priya! i haven't been to a pumpkin patch in forever

Alexa <3

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