cowboy boot Christmas

earrings- Wish Memphis, scarf- gift, dress- UO c/o Carina, tights- c/o Carina, boots- Nashville Flea Market
Presenting: my NEW cowboy boots!
I've been wanting a pair since I moved to Nashville (naturally), and Sunday before break it happened!
I've been loving these beauties, so much so that I wore them on the plane home
(my family knew it was inevitable, me getting off the plane from Nashville in cowboy boots).

This outfit is from Christmas Day, and riddled with hand-me-downs from my sister, which I LOVE.
I really should say hand-me-ups because I get stuff that is too big for my little peanut of a sister.
No shame at all! 
You may actually own this dress and not realize it because it's supposed to have a ribbon tie, but it kinda fell/I ripped it off, and who needs it anyway! 

Also debuting my new "dark red" lipstick, and if I told you I also got it from the flea market, would you think less of me?
I just can't help it, how can they sell new lipstick for so cheap?!
Makes trying a new color a doable splurge. 

I wore this outfit all of Christmas Day until I unwrapped my cupcake onesie, evidenced: here.
Post-Christmas I've spent a few splendid days with assorted friends, today was a relaxing day at home.
Tomorrow morning I'm headed to LA for a little more bro time, planning to be back right in time for NYE! 

I spent some time today reading through old blog posts and I really enjoyed it. 
Makes blogging feel totally worthwhile.
I haven't even been blogging for a full year now, but I can definitely pinpoint what I love/don't love.
You, dear readers, are on the love list!
Thanks for reading!  



Unknown said...

Such a sassy look, Priya! Great shade of lipstick and I love the cowboy boots. You're a true Tennesseean (word?) with the cowboy boots now! I hope you have a great NYE!

xo Jenny

Miss Doyle said...

Such great boots! You are seriously rocking that look. :)

Merry (belated) Christmas!

Larissa said...

You are just so beautiful Priya! And I love that look!

Elana said...

I don't care where you got this lipstick, it looks amazing on you! And I'm totally loving you in cowboy boots, they look adorable. So when you say LA, do you mean LA as in Louisiana or LA as in Los Angeles. Because if you're in Los Angeles and didn't tell me, we're going to have a problem!

Allison Taylor said...

Perfect christmas outfit. Girl, you rock those cowboy boots! And I LOVE that photo of you in your new onesie :)

Katherine said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new boots! Totally amazing. And I loveee those heart earrings too.

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Priya said...

haha thank you Jenny!

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