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necklace- gift from Huntee, t-shirt- Madewell, sweater- Urban, skirt- Target, tights- c/o Carina, boots- Nashville Flea

The last outfit from over Christmas break.
I mainly wanted to wear the new necklace Hunter got me for Christmas (didn't he do great?!)
Katherine blogged about making a resolution to buy clothes that her husband liked, and I laughed because Hunter and I have very different ideas about fashion (i.e. he likes things that are solid, classic, and...boring, and I mostly don't)
So when I gave him the idea of "statement necklace" for Christmas, I really wasn't sure what he would come up with (he doesn't like big jewelry).
To my delight, he found a necklace we both like!
And here I am with my cowboy boots yet again, yes these boots were made for walking #bootcliche

In other news of the day: I made it to my 8 o'clock at 7:55, coffee in hand (this is a huge deal)
And, I decided to make a tumblr
(still in it's baby stages, but if you'd like a look, the link is up top "simply priya")


The Braided Bandit said...

I love the black and red combo and Hunter did SO well! The necklace is classic but still definitely a fun statement piece! Happiest of New Years to you!!!
xo Hannah

Nerissa Sayson said...

I really live your necklace! It goest perfect with black and red look :) Superb style and amazing fashion blog!

Keep posting more!



Priya said...

Thanks Hannah! I will let him know the necklace is a hit with everyone :)

Priya said...

Thank you very much!

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