brown paper packages...

Thursday I came home from Spring Break to find this.
Filled with this!
Thank you Mom and Carina for the lovely package with healthy snacks (perfect for my after Spring Break diet: vegetables, no carbs, no junk food, water only [ha]), Finnish buns, a sarcastic comic, new tea, and two new t-shirts! 
Anyone else watch TinTin when they were younger?
I have clear memories of racing my sister home so we could catch part 2 of an episode.
She got me this t-shirt in Vietnam and I think it's the coolest ever.

I literally worked alllll weekend, and since the week started, I've mostly been doing that too.
I've really started to finalize some plans for after graduation (at least short-term).
I bought tickets to see Aziz Ansari, and I'm seriously debating John Mayer tickets. 
Otherwise I feel like school is going to be over very, very soon!
It's really weird, but mostly exciting.
So that's what's going on over here!
Thanks for reading!! 


Appreciate the Day said...

I'll be finishing Sixth form this year and suddenly it all feels very close so I can completely see what you mean. And empathise with lots of work!
Kate xx

Anonymous said...

I am in love with that t-shirt. Probably the coolest souvenir ever.

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