the little things

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shirt- Local Honey Nashville, sweater- J.Crew Factory, cords- F21, boots- Breckelles via Amazon

Lately I've been revolting against the LATE coming of Spring in Nashville (it. snowed. this. week. WHAT.) by dressing cozy*
(*see Grandpa sweaters, leggings, big shirts, Uggs, sweats)
additionally when I have Tennis class after my 8 o'clock,
wearing Tennis clothes to school seems like the only viable option.
But I promise I have been wearing some real clothes around here! 
My preppy layering here comes with the logic of "I will be freezing if I wear a t-shirt under this sweater." So...those are my thoughts regarding this outfit. 

I'm sitting in a coffee shop (Portland Brew, if you're an interested Nashvillian)
studying for my test tonight,
after talking to one good friend on the phone and running into another one here. 
The weather outside finally feels like Spring,
I got to have lunch (I should say, I was treated to lunch) with two other old friends.
And as my friend/boss Lara says to me all the time "It's the little things Priya Priya."
You know what?
It totally is. 

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Larissa said...

You are so right! It is the little things and when you are just able to see them, then life is so beautiful :) Like getting a cookie as a gift in the elevator from a stranger, or as you said, a free coffee, or just the sunshine after days of rain :) Life can be so beautiful when you are just able to see it :) I am so much into this, this is why I called my blog 'Cest ne que de la chance' - it's all luck! Cause it is somehow all luck; all those little things :)
Thanks for your comments! Hope I will see pictures from your future roadtrips on your blog one day ;)
We (J. and I) really enjoyed our time sooo much and we will take so many good memories back to Germany... and I will find even more good memories in the next five weeks that I will be here in Ohio :)

Happy Eastern to you are your family! Are you celebrating with them?


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