sunglasses- c/o Carina, dress- Gap, cardi- Banana Republic, necklace- 31 Bits, boots- Nashville Flea Market

rocked this dress a couple different ways this weekend,
and by ways, I mean days.
am I the only one that does this?
if it's not broken, don't fix it right?

I found this dress at the Gap Factory store on the way back from SB and instantly fell in love.
what's not to love?
stripeys, polka dots, and pockets!
plus now I know it can go from a busy afternoon at work, to a night out with friends, and then to church on Sunday! 
another reason to love it. 

also, three cheers for my bangs who are finally starting to cooperate with my new lifestyle!
one side definitely more than the other, 
but I won't tell you which
(and I'm hoping you can't tell)


The Braided Bandit said...

Stripes with polka dots on them? That is amazing! I love the dress and can totally see why you pulled a multi-day-er in it! I love the pop of red too!

Larissa said...

Beautiful dress! I love stripes and would have bought this dress too, I am sure! Isn't it great that the weather is getting warm and we can wear dresses without tights again :)???


pippiloo said...

cute! i like the classic colors and patterns :)

-Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

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