travel log: a day in the country is worth a month in town

I realized I have pictures from several trips I've been on pre-blogging,
and I'd still like to post them! 

where: Twigg Farm, Cumberland, MD
when: Thanksgiving Break, November 2010
with: Amanda and Tim, and all the Twiggs
what: a week of proving I am NOT a diva and I CAN survive on the farm

 photo IMG_4484_zps0ed6e885.jpg
I never walked across this terrifying bridge without holding her hand.
 photo IMG_4509_zps5fad80dc.jpg
Inside the railroad tunnel.
 photo IMG_4524_zpsc03d6ef7.jpg
On the back of a 4-wheeler. The most perfect moment.
 photo IMG_4561_zps198b76c5.jpg
Sweet corn!
 photo IMG_4571_zps6f4130c7.jpg
Note the actual look of concern on my face.
 photo IMG_4590_zpsccc096fd.jpg
The hike that was actually through open-season in West Virginia.
 photo IMG_4634_zps85d385f2.jpg
Smashing coins on the train tracks.
 photo IMG_4665_zpsdb120790.jpg
Alyssia's basketball game.
 photo IMG_4670_zpsf80949b4.jpg
These two little ladies took me to feed the cows!
 photo IMG_4681_zpse2b651ae.jpg
Really scary hungry cows.
 photo IMG_4684_zps5de34bbb.jpg
Another hike down the tracks.
 photo IMG_4720_zps7d36cbcb.jpg
The lady who taught me how to wear lipstick.
 photo IMG_4729_zps052ff111.jpg
Finally visited a Sheetz and it was as magical as I was led to believe.
 photo IMG_4741_zps6c773038.jpg
Good morning Baltimore! (A note on the Uggs: this was pre-my elastic waistband rule. Also, it was freezing.)
 photo IMG_4747_zps4f919861.jpg
Crabcakes and Football!

I took a shot of Dayquil this morning on an empty stomach, so I'm not feeling too hot.
Nothing else to report today.

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Fash Boulevard said...

This looks like so much fun. Great pictures. :)

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