hair-cuts and link-ups

Three Things:
1. I'm linking up with Andi at Just Another Smith for her conclusion of Polka Dot Week! 
2. I cut my hair!
3. I realize these are the worst pictures, probably ever, but I wore this to dinner with Michael & Amanda and did not plan on the nighttime darkness at 7 pm. What is with you, Nashville?!
button-up- c/o Galina, dress- c/o Carina, wedges- Target, bracelet- Forever 21
Anyway, just consider this an artisic expression, "Under The Streetlight". Pretty sure this was my sister Carina's high school graduation dress (it fits me that way). The top part that you can't see is an adorable halter with two-toned green. As much as I adore polka dots, I really don't have all that much of them in my wardrobe! This dress would be perfect for a backyard bbq, but since we were indoors escaping thunderstorms, I liked just the skirt peeking out. 
Here's the most exciting part: I cut 12 inches off my hair! As the story goes, I got to be a hair model for the salon next door to where I work! I wasn't entirely sure about a bob at first, but then I realized, why would I not do it?? I've wanted to cut my hair short for a while now, especially in hopes to look more "professional". Now about that job...
One more exciting thing: for our dinner with Michael and Amanda (we love you newlyweds!) I made a fruit pizza! It was THE bomb. 
Said pizza.

I'm off to figure out how in the world to style my a-line as I head off to work!
Thanks for reading, and be sure and check out Andi's Polka Dot Week! 



Andi said...

Love the dress and your hair looks amazing! Thanks for linking up!!

Kristian said...

All your pictures a bit small for some reason, but I do like the new 'do and am excited to see it in a bigger photo too :D

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

looking spiffy my pretty friend! I was all about Fall sneaking in, but these early sunsets are just not acceptable!


Priya said...

Thank you Andi! And thanks for the link-up!

Priya said...

Hmmm...I have no idea what that's about. Thanks Kristian, you'll see plenty :D

Priya said...

Thanks Jess! Glad I'm not crazy and someone else noticed too!

Anonymous said...

Wow fruit pizza looks amazing! I've never even heard of it before! Nice :) X

Priya said...

Definitely try it out! It's not too hard to make, but sooo tasty (and somewhat healthy?!)

Alexa said...

OMG YOU LOOK SOOOOOO GOOD! haircuts are super scary but they are so new and refreshing. You are rocking this style Priya <3 i love love love it! also super cute outfit :) that top is adorable! have a great weekend

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thank you so much Alexa! I can always count on you to boost my confidence. Thank you thank you!

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