happy birthday Dad!

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Dad & I at an Indian wedding, June 2013

my Dad's birthday [was yesterday.] otherwise I'd say I've been pretty on top of things around here!

I really look forward to the time I get to spend with my Dad these days. it's limited, and it's usually pretty funny. I feel like we are still getting to know each other. Canada was especially funny especially because my South Indian Dad is NOT a fan of cold weather. I wrote down some things he said that made me lol because I love saving them for later and laughing all over again.

(Dad describing his last trip to Ireland)
D: “I found myself outside a coffee shop, on the side of the road…and decided to break into song, spontaneously!”
Me: “…with an open guitar case in front of me”

(in response to me telling him to wear something casual)
“Yeah, that’s casual. Hawaiian.”

(an advertising campaign to Mom for lemon water)
“Arja see- lemon water. Take one sip, and taste the difference!”

(Mom & Dad discussing facial hair)
D: “Who wants to have a beard?”
M: “You had a beard when I met you.”
D: “No. It was a mustache. And it was French.”

(dinner at a Chinese restaurant)
D: “Where’s the beef?”
Me: “Oh it’s right here.”
D: “No I’m not asking ‘Where’s the beef?’ I’m just saying the phrase ‘Where’s the beef?’"

(about his hiking stick)
“It’s always good to carry a big stick, just in case."

so besides making me laugh...when I thought about this post, one memory of my Dad was at the front of my mind. on & off throughout middle school, my Dad picked me up. every day I would get in the car, and everyday he would ask me, "Did you learn anything new?" so much so that I would specifically be on the look-out all day for a new fact that I could share with him when I got in the car.

one thing my Dad has definitely instilled in me is ambition. it was his ambition that led him from India to Cardiff, Wales, to meet my mom; and his ambition that ultimately took them to California, where I call home. it was him who first told me, "Whatever you are, be a good one." (I know he didn't originally say that, but that's when I first heard it.) when I was younger my Dad told me I could be a pediatrician (I wanted to for a while), and then a lawyer (so my ambition changed to that.)

if there's one single thing I have learned as I've gotten older, it's that no family is perfect. my parents aren't perfect. but one thing I appreciate about them is that they have never made me feel like I wasn't good enough. they have definitely encouraged me to be better & do better, but that sense of ambition was never accompanied by the feeling that what I was doing wasn't good already.

one other thing I appreciate about them is that they are very good sports about their accents/pronunciations getting imitated and made fun of, and have been for 30ish years (since Galina learned how to talk!) just yesterday when I called my Dad on his birthday I tried to teach him to say "Age ain't nothin' but a number" over the phone. it didn't go so well.

it was because he gave me a VERY hard time when he beat me at ping-pong after my freshman year of college that I trained very hard to beat him next (I crushed him, by the way.) now I love ping-pong and play pretty much every day! thanks Dad! I love that it's something we can do together.

another thing I admire about him: he literally has friends in every country in the world. not exaggerating. he has his passions, and he is passionate about them; meeting people, traveling, and his ministry. I think I got my love for people directly from my Dad.

happy birthday Dad! you are one of a kind, you're my one & only Dad, and I love you for it!

(I'm writing everyone in my immediate family a post on their birthday.
you can find them here: Mom // Sundar // Amir & Tarif // Coren


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Priya, these posts you write about your family are so sweet! I feel like even though you're talking about them, I'm getting to know another piece of you because I'm learning about another piece of your family. My parents used to ask us how school was and if I learned anything new but I doubt I answered anything other than "fine" most days. I like that you paid more attention in class in order to tell your dad something you learned. I think I'll ask my kids the same thing when that time comes.

And the fact that you practiced ping pong even more so you could beat your dad. Way to go! It sounds like your dad is always pushing you to be better without even saying those words. And that is quite impressive.

Priya said...

Thanks so much, Lauren! It's become something I couldn't stop if I tried, since my family looks forward to reading them :)

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