weekend update: remembering Memorial Day weekend

here's what happened this weekend (mostly in order):
1. I house-sat and puppy-sat.
2.  Julie & Lee got married in Georgia.
3. I spent Monday in a boat on Percy Priest lake.
4. Amanda got engaged yesterday!
5. Hunter went on vacation and I miss him.

 photo IMG_5329_zps9bc0027f.jpg
my +1 bailed so last-minute (stressed), but I LADIES TRIPed it up with Katie & Em. SO much fun!
 photo IMG_5364_zpsf1dcca0f.jpg
this is where they got married- amazing! I actually spent one Thanksgiving here with Julie & her fam.
 photo IMG_5398_zpsab2445ed.jpg
remember my housie Em? miss her so! she spun tracks & we planned outfits for B + Jay the whole ride.
 photo IMG_5386_zps1932bdcb.jpg
Amanda, (forever my "Roomie") was IN the wedding, and then got engaged yesterday. seriously!!
 photo IMG_5357_zpsba271d3d.jpg
really super pumped about how this picture turned out.
 photo IMG_5412_zps440d888a.jpg
and here's the beautiful bride! I love you both!!
 photo IMG_5352_zpse0a86d7c.jpg
so many pretty little details everywhere!
 photo IMG_5423_zpsff0ca1ca.jpg
on Monday, I jumped off this cliff (into the lake) this is a huge deal!
 photo IMG_5435_zpsca29e38c.jpg
lake day with some work franz! Idk when I woke up and it was summer, but I'm happy about it!

I'm feeling really thankful for my beautiful friends and excited because Summer is really here!!
I'm off to go finish my book for book club and go straight to bed. catch up with y'all soon.



Alysia Avé said...

That dress!! You look amazing! And yay Georgia! Looks like a beautiful wedding :-)


Priya said...

thanks girl! it was a new dress I allowed myself to buy so I could save it for the wedding. I love it & can't wait to wear it again.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

It sounds like you had a great, very exciting weekend! I cant believe you jumped off that cliff. I would not have done that haha.

The dress you wore to the wedding is SO pretty! I thought it was a top from your first picture but now that I see it's a dress, I love it even more. You all look so happy together!

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