MAXImum Potential

Blogger to blogger, we all forgive each other for taking advantage of clothing puns for post titles, right? Oh good. Moving on,
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earrings: gift from Galina, necklace: from Mexico, top: Crossroads CA, belt: from Shel, skirt: Piperlime, wedges: Target

Like many trendy things, I have hesitated and delayed jumping on the maxi train. I think they look great on others, I just have very short legs and never found them comfortable. But when I saw this skirt on Ashley, it was the first time in my blogging life I thought "I MUST have that" and turned around and bought it (side note- apart from the awesome skirt, Ashley is just lovely and refreshing overall. Check out her blog, I have enjoyed looking through it again.)
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I first wore this skirt for a night downtown with a group of friends (didn't even have to dry-clean it after, I deserve some sort of award, as far as I'm concerned), then again for work & Shel's brother Kolten's grad party (CONGRATS Kolten!) 

When I wore it to the office I had several people compliment and ask me about it, which prompted me to look up the link, which prompted me to notice: it's even more reduced then when I bought it (already a steal!) So, seriously, you can get one here (there are several colors!) I never link to stuff on my blog, but this is something you could actually buy. And I'm not getting a kickback or anything, so just relaxxx
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I will say the pictures on the website appear brighter than the color is in real life, but otherwise, no complaints (we now have the pink one in my office as well, I'd say, not as bright, but still a pretty color!) It seems to be great quality. And though it is fairly long, it worked just fine with tall wedges. 

I don't really have anything else to say about this? Throughout the day I realized the wedges + belt + necklace might be too much and considered taking the necklace off. What do you think? 
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Also- these wedges rock and I regret not buying them in every color when they were on clearance at Target.

I hope your week is going well! I planned to be super chill after what seemed like lots of planning & doing, but I've been babysitting and I'll be house-sitting on & off this week, and just planned to go visit my brother in Florida next week. So, three cheers to not slowing down this summer! 


Ashley said...

Yay yay yay! I was so excited to see this skirt on you!! The blue is just as pretty as I expected. It really does look awesome on you - I'm glad you decided to give it a shot! And yes, everybody should buy this skirt - it is amazing!

And thanks for the sweet words about my blog :) You have no idea how much that means to me!

Priya said...

Well HUGE thank you Ashley! And of course, I really mean it.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Oh gosh, that skirt is so lovely on you Priya!! I think higher waisted maxis like this are the most flattering for those of us with short legs (but I have yet to get one, hmmm). The color is so vibrant and pleats just make it look so elegant!

What color are those wedges? Are they orange? They look amazing and no, the necklace is definitely not too much. Actually, it ties everything together with its multiple colors. Love this outfit on you :)

Unknown said...

That skirt is so pretty! Love how you added that necklace, so colorful!

Also, I have the exact same shoes! Mine were tan, but those red ones are too cute.

The Blushing Dreamer

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

I love this look - don't lose the shoes, the necklace, or the wedges!


nicole s. said...

the wedges and necklace were the perfect styling for that skirt! the skirt itself is just gorgeous and the prettiest color.

xo nicole

Elana said...

First, you should never, ever apologize for making puns. Puns are a gift to us all, and anyone who doesn't like them can just go home.

Second, holy crap, Priya! You look AMAZING. You need to buy this skirt in every color and wear them every day because it's totally working for you. Plus, I just love everything else you paired with it. IN LOVE.

Also, I think this is the part of the summer where I beg you to make a California trip so we can finally hang out? Because you should.


Alysia Avé said...

OHH!! I LOVE this skirt on you. So pretty! I love this skirt! You look great. This is a great look! I'm gushing. I should stop...


Unknown said...

I love how bright and summery this whole outfit is, and the maxi skirt is just gorgeous on you <3


Bri Marie said...

Love this skirt on you, and now I definitely have to try wearing my orange pleated maxi with a tee and belt and colorful necklace. I would NOT take the necklace off - I think it's gorgeous paired together!

Danielle Wallace said...

That skirt is seriously gorgeous! I love the way you styled it with red. I'm always leary of wearing red, white and blue together because I fear that I'd look like a ridiculous patriot. But I think you did it right with that shade of blue! I may have to try it out after all :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Wow, that skirt!! So gorgeous! The color is perfect on you!

Larissa said...

Priya I missed you! I am sorry I did not come along your blog earlier...since I am back from my vacation things turned so busy again. Thank you so much for your comments! They made me really really happy!

Now to your Outfit: WOW! That skirt is amazing and Ive been checking out the shop and I saw that its so sale and everything. But Iam back in Germany so I cant shop US shops :(
Anyhow, you look so pretty in this skirt and the shoes go perfect with it. I agree that maybe the necklace is too much. But you know me, I like it simple :)
Have a great day pretty lady!!!

Kristian said...

I like the skirt+ Wedges + Necklace. You go!

Allie said...

Love the red and blue together <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Unknown said...

this color is perfection! I have a blue maxi, but it certainly doesn't have pleats :)

Unknown said...

This outfit is so pretty, I love the skirt especially the colour!
Em x

joy said...

This outfit is so cute, I LOVE that skirt. The color is so gorgeous! And ahhh I really like it with the necklace too, definitely not too much :)

Alissa said...


Priya said...

They are orange, but almost a coral-y shade, so I feel like they go with more!

Priya said...

I'm so bummed I'm not able to make it home this Summer. I'll be home for the longest Thanksgiving I can muster, for as for Southern California...being an adult makes trips on a whim so dang hard!

Priya said...

weeelllll the shoes are technically orange. I try to never wear rw&b together, unless it's totally on purpose AND a holiday :)

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