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now I'm really 23! (I feel kinda guilty for anyone I lead astray by celebrating my birthday last weekend, the actual day was Thursday, June 5th.) so I celebrated the day of, then took Friday off because my company is the best, and had a long weekend. please tell me I look older and not younger, and definitely not 16. 
 photo IMG_5470_zps01ab33d9.jpg
| earrings: via swap | jacket: Gap | dress: Madewell | wedges: Target |

I wore this to my birthday dinner on Thursday. Hunter and I messaged back and forth all day trying to plan what to do & where to go, and finally decided on Coco's, an Italian market and restaurant in my neighborhood. I love how cozy and authentic it feels. bonus that they have a Bocce Ball court (field? arena?) in the front (right behind me in these photos.) once I learn how to play, I will most definitely hit that up! 
 photo IMG_5460_zps48547db1.jpg
I didn't necessarily plan on taking some outfit pics on my bday, but apart from really liking what I wore on the day, I think it'll be a cool thing to look back on. I talked to several older co-workers about what they did when they turned 23, and now here I am, immortalized (#dramatic) in my favorite dress, wedges I've been wearing non-stop, and the heaviest jeweled earrings of all time. now I'll never forget what I looked like or what my style was like at age 23! fashion blogging is so responsible. 
 photo IMG_5472_zps2c5853f4.jpg
some years I feel like my birthday goes by and I'm like, ok, whatever (despite loving theatrics and attention and talking to people my birthday always feels weird.) then sometimes, like this year, I feel really introspective and I get all "I'm getting older, who am I ?? what have I done?!" 

the night before my birthday I spent some time (babysitting and) really thinking about my life right now. I thought about how it compared to what I'd wished for when I was younger. and where I was last year. and what I've thought of my whole life about the age "23."

I don't know if I would have guessed that I'd be living and working in Nashville, Tennessee actually. that would've been a long shot. BUT I will say that in 5th grade I did my state report on Tennessee (state bird: the mockingbird) for what that's worth!

what I felt most of all was: fortunate. and lucky, I suppose. this might be weird and too deep but I feel like there is constantly terrible stuff happening in the world, that I read about and watch on TV. so much of it feels like it could very well have happened to me, but none of it has. 

even though my blog is called "perfectly Priya" (note- I don't think if I named it again I would call it that. that might be another blog post all together.) my life has been FAR from perfect. there were absolutely times I thought my world was ending, though, it was probably just being really dramatic. I'm not saying I've never dealt with anything, but when I think about it, I've been spared pretty much any major trauma. which I realize is more than a lot of people can say. so, I feel fortunate. 
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I've been brainstorming some "life mottos" for the coming year. one thing I do love about my birthday is that it's mid-way through the year and essentially like a re-start for any new year's resolutions I made. here's what I've come up with so far.

"2 blest 2 be stressed" see above paragraphs
"23: one foot in the grave, and one foot on a banana peel." someone said that to me actually
"if you ain't got no money get yo broke ass home" I listened to Glamorous. Fergie really gets it!
 photo IMG_5465_zps5a0662a4.jpg
and because this is an outfit post: this is my favorite dress, end of story. it makes me want to skip like four Old Navy or Forever 21 dresses to get another Madewell dress (this is the conversion factor.) I've been wearing these wedges with everything and I love them! I got these earrings in our BlogNashville clothing swap. they are gorgeous, just so heavy. and jean jacket, I love you.
 photo IMG_3271_zpsd128185b.jpg
more from this weekend:
- dinner at Coco's
- Saturday Andrea ran a half marathon and we ended up hanging out all day
- I also babysat for this little nugget and we walked in the creek, it was awesome! Summer!!

Saturday we also found these in downtown Franklin (by Andrea's house) 
 photo IMG_3266_zps3b8b02a0.jpg
I guess I've never mentioned how much I love temporary tattoos, and donuts (edit- I have definitely talked about donuts on my blog.) I had to have them, and I made Andrea + Ethan & Hunter all put one on. this marks my favorite part of the Summer so far, but I still have a ways to go. Saturday really felt Summer-y and I loved every minute. 

ok so this post is more all over the place than normal even. but I hope you are all having a lovely start to the summer. thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes. oh I'm an adult now! 


Kristian said...

Well, Happy Birthday again then! (Can never have too many Happy Returns, right?)

You look DARLING in this. It is so perfectly put together. Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts about your blog name. Good luck with the coming year. Bet it will be great!

Alysia Avé said...

Happy Belated!! Your outfit is darling (I'm a sucker for big ass earrings) and I love hearing your thoughts on birthdays and getting older. You are definitely aging with grace (and style)!


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Happy belated birthday Priya!! Even though it took you awhile to figure out where you wanted to go, it looks like you had a great time! I can say, I definitely had the same thought when I turned 23 in October. I'm not necessarily in the place I'd like to be most in life, I do enjoy the scenery and the people around me. Here's to your 24th year being the best you've ever had!

Unknown said...

Happy real birthday Priya! :D Looks like a fun weekend and I love this stripey mc-stripe look with the denim, and daaaaayyyyyum, those earrings are glorious! :D

nicole s. said...

obsessed with this outfit. i already was, and then those shoes sent me over the edge. you probably have the prettiest, thickest hair in all of blogland.

you do definitely look older, my Gemini sister!

xo nicole

Larissa said...

HAPPY birthday!!! I wish I would be 23 again, haha ;)
I changed your button on my blog. I've been a little late but now its there, all new and shiny :)
Have a great after-birthday day :)
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Priya!! Totally adoring the dress you wore to dinner and we get why you are wearing those shoes nonstop. We would too!

xx 365hangers

Jackie said...

Happy birthday!!! 23 is a really strange age, I think. Actually, I think being in your 20's is just a strange time.

I hope you had a great birthday! Your outfit was super cute!

xo Jackie
Something About That

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

Happy belated! I'm glad you had a great time! I can definitely relate toward your feelings when looking out into the world. There is so much evil in the world and it's scary to think about the potential for something bad to happen to you or someone you love. And sure, I've had my struggles, but it's nothing compared to what some people have to deal with. We should also remember that there is a lot of good in the world too, and think about the potential for good things to happen to us too. :)


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