weekend update: in six

I had a blissful, easy-going weekend, where I actually had time to get ready to go places (a novelty!), cooked (and therefore ate & drank a lot), exercised at a leisurely pace (irony), celebrated a dear friend, and got some styling inspiration!

by yesterday evening, I was ready to get out of the house and get going again. which is perfect for Sunday, as far as I'm concerned, because here it's Monday and the work week yet again!

Friday night I tried making something new for dinner (rosemary + lemon chicken, brown rice, and veggies), finished a movie (I am notorious for not finishing them) and started a new one (left unfinished.) Hunter & I were invited to go out, but just stayed in and it was perfect. Also, there's no pictorial evidence for this, so just trust me.  
 photo IMG_5791_zpscff2624d.jpg
lesson from Saturday morning: bacon does not photograph well! mainly I wanted to show off the "eggs-in-the-hole" Hunter made. I die for anything heart-shaped, but heart-shaped and edible? double-dead. also see what I mean, eatingggggg all the time. 
 photo IMG_5801_zps1fee2213.jpg
Andrea's birthday card! I had time to make a pretty nice one!!
 photo IMG_5803_zpse562cbda.jpg
Andrea's amazing birthday cake, made by a talented friend. it was pineapple/coconut, I had a few slices.
 photo IMG_5829_zps95795447.jpg
the birthday girl! I was equally happy to see the fabulous Brooke after a long time. together we danced to new J.Lo and an assortment of other Latin music (which is mandatory, not optional, at Andrea's house.) 
 photo IMG_5876_zps9bceb10b.jpg
Sunday, after church and before working off allll the calories of the weekend, I had my session with stylist Shell B Cheri (I won this from Jessica in a giveaway! thanks Jess!!) this is the aftermath of our session, an explosion of clothing & accessories all across my room!

I loved it. because honestly, who doesn't love playing dress-up in their own closet?

getting a fresh pair of eyes on your closet is the best thing. too often we limit ourselves in our own wardrobes, because we only see things a certain way (and therefore style them a certain way.) I was able to pull out all those items I've had trouble styling lately (namely: this skirt, this blazer, kimono top, tuxedo pants.) Shell B is just awesome, fun to be around, and definitely pushed me to see items a different way. thanks Shell B!
 photo IMG_5880_zps9fd50af5.jpg
peep some of the looks we put together here. and I will obvi be blogging them all soon.

thanks for reading y'all. I'm recharged, get at me week!


Alissa said...

What a great weekend! Also, any weekend that involves cake is a win-win-win!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You won that giveaway?? That's awesome! So how did it all happen? Did she ask you a bunch of questions and then went through all your clothes and picked out outfits for you? I'm so curious about it all. Tell me everything!

Priya said...

hey Lauren! I was pretty excited about it. Shell B and I talked beforehand (and I filled out a questionnaire), and then I selected several items I had trouble styling in the past, or wanted more ideas styling. then we went through and assembled several outfit options for each of them, complete with accessories, etc! it was so refreshing. I highly recommend working with a stylist if you get a chance!

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