Four Seasons, One Dress: Summer

Today I'm starting another something new on the blog. A few weeks ago I noticed that Danielle of Goodwillista (which has recently become a favorite read of mine!) and I had the same dress. I love when that happens, it makes me feel like I'm doing something RIGHT!

She came up with the idea for us to both style it throughout the seasons. I am always looking for pieces and inspiration for how to make a piece as versatile as possible, plus who wouldn't want to collaborate with this cutie? Naturally we are kicking off with Summer, which is nearly to the end, though Summery weather in these parts will persist until October. 
 photo Collages3_zps065ca42b.jpg
Danielle definitely gave me some new ideas for wearing this dress! I've never thought to wear a belt because the waist is elastic-y, but I love the way it looks! It adds further definition and helps pull together the accessories. Her sandals make the dress look maximum Summer-y, and the "pendant" style of necklace works great with the cut of the dress.

Head over to Goodwillista for the rest of Danielle's outfit details (and to look through her fabulous, affordable, closet & style), and to hear her say really nice things about me!
 photo IMG_6097_zps8dccd6a0.jpg
| dress: Gap Factory | necklace: from Mexico | clogs: Old Navy | purse: giveaway win |

Simple, knit dresses like this are my absolute jam. Because this one already has some detailing, it needs minimal accessories, making it SO easy to style. I opted for my brown clogs that I've been living in this Summer, and a beaded statement necklace to add some color. Also I've been using this purse for a few weeks now, so it worked out by default. 
 photo IMG_6095_zps649c86d8.jpg
Styling for Summer seems pretty simple and no-brainer, so I'm already brainstorming ways to make this dress a little more interesting, a little more layered, and a little more colorful for Fall. Stay tuned for part two of Four Seasons, One Dress: Fall. 

In the meantime, tell my girl Danielle hey, won't you? 
 photo IMG_6100_zps11bad9c3.jpg
Wishing you all a very fun and safe loooong weekend. Make the last memories of Summer count!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! You both look so great and I like how you both styled it in a similar kind of way despite the fact you have very different looks in general. Great dress! XXX

nicole s. said...

giiiiiiiirl you look so good in that dress! of course, both of you do! i adore ya both so much and i love that this series means you'll both post together at least 3 more times.

i just want a collage of all the ways those darn clogs can be worn because they are truly fantastic.

xo nicole

Isabella said...

I would love to wear this dress, and the necklace and shoes are the perfect touches for summer! I look forward to seeing how this project unfolds - I love it when bloggers team up to do things like this :)


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I saw you on Danielle's blog yesterday and got so excited! Two of my favorite bloggers in one place?? What madness! I absolutely adore this dress and am super bummed I can't go out and buy one for myself!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Yes to everything about this dress! Love how you styled it!

Alysia Avé said...

Hooray!! Two of my fav bloggers in a collaboration! This is like blogger heaven. And that dress is adorable on you both! I can't wait to see it styled for fall.

Alysia Ave

Anonymous said...

So cute! I could wear striped dresses all year long, just switch out the statement necklace each time! xo
Swell Caroline Costume Jewelry

Priya said...

thank you, sweetest!!

Kristian said...

How fun is that? I love that you will be styling it throughout the seasons, both of you.

Danielle Wallace said...

Just realized that I never commented on this post! - That blond on the right is a cutie ;) haha kidding!
But you ma'am, I loveeee the yellow chunky necklace paired with this dress! And why can you rock clogs so fabulously? I seriously feel like I'd look like a foreigner in them!

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