Weekend Update: Carina's 26th in Nashville!

And sometimes weekend updates happen on Fridays. Here's what life looks like right now: Galina and Carina flew in last Thursday night, and I took them to the airport SUPES early on Tuesday morning (Sundar was here from Friday night-Sunday). I had a couple days to catch up on work, sleep, put away the extra bedding, try to get a few workouts in, etc. and then yesterday right after work picked up Stephanie from the airport. She's in Nashville! And I'm playing host again!

But last weekend...I ate when I wasn't hungry, sang "Vamos a la Playa", spent 5 hours at the salon, got some birthday gifts for myself on Carina's birthday, braved the rain, group snuggled in my bed, stealthily bought cupcakes, and lots more that I can't even remember. 
 photo weekend1_zps900cb822.jpg
Left to right, Thursday & Friday: reunited & feeling good, tour at my office, burgers at the Pharmacy, our first show at the Opry! 
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We spent Saturday on Centerhill Lake with our rented pontoon boat and look who else joined, Andrea, Ethan, and Andrea's cousin Jose! What a fun day. I can't wait to do that again. And yes, I tubed so hard, my toe ring fell off. Feels like Summer!
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Saturday: Sundar stealing my glasses, gang's all here, dinner at Merchants, a short attempt at Broadway after a day on the lake.
 photo weekendSUN_zps06ce681e.jpg
Sunday: Mafioza's before Sundar left :,( sweet work friends, we ALL got our hair done, Hunter joined us at Patterson House.
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Monday, which was Carina's actual birthday, we slept in, went to Fido for "breakfast", stopped by the mall and The Painted Cupcake, and headed to Arrington Vineyards (I'd been once before, here.)
 photo IMG_5997_zps5726ba4e.jpg
After wine tasting, which was really lovely, we sat out on the lawn, tried to light candles and enjoyed the view. Until it started pouring and we ran under the patio, which turned out to be a decent contingency plan. 
 photo IMG_6004_zpscd3cd385.jpg
How cute is my little Peanut? When she was packing, she almost left the tiara. And then said "Oh I get to keep it?" OBVIOUSLY! If you come celebrate your birthday with me, expect to keep the crown. 
 photo IMG_6012_zps9c61cc11.jpg
We do this a lot?
 photo IMG_6016_zpsbf866173.jpg
We stopped at home, and went to Rolf & Daughters for dinner which is Nashville GOLD. The food was some of the best I've had here in town and I can't wait to go back. Birthday dinner fit for a peanut.
 photo IMG_6022_zps5f7975e7.jpg
 photo weekendMON_zpsb013e47c.jpg
Monday: wine-tasting, Peanut cupcakes, Peanut candles, The Last Snuggles.

My sisters spoil me, and obviously I love it. I hope Carina had a 26th she'll never forget, and of course that they both come back to Nashville soon. 

Oh, I'm thankful for family. Especially one that comes to me when I can't go home at all during the Summer.

If you're interested in creeping on social media, our hashtag for the weekend was #pappumastakeNashville, which originated during this trip to Vegas. 

I'm gonna keep being a little MIA this weekend, but fear not, Steph is taking some amazing pictures for me that will be on the blog soon. Happy weekend! 


Kristian said...

"If you come celebrate your birthday with me, expect to keep the crown."

Lol, for ever.

Glad you all had so much fun :)

Priya said...

I have a THING for crowns! Thanks Kristian :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww it looks like you had such a great time with all your siblings there!! What a happy, fun-filled weekend. It's always nice to see such a huge grin on your face :)

Andrea Fer said...

Just now reading thissss !!! I love it!!! These pictures are gold " tubed so hard my toe ring fell off" hahaaaa

Priya said...

Yes that kept us laughing (people laughing at me) all weekend!

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