Skirt Week!

I am really bad at structured blogging, that being said, I am linking up with Andi and Inge for the conclusion of Skirt Week! 

Andi hosts a "theme" week once a month, where she wears a featured item every day of the week. I think this is an awesome way to "wear out your closet." As awesome as I think it is, I almost always miss it! So, happy to participate today. 
 photo 2C674120-73A8-43F4-82C4-10026FC2C5B4_zpsa2ykfyak.jpg
| necklace: H&M | top: secondhand from Leena | skirt (cut from dress): UO | booties: Old Navy | 

I am officially labeling this as "fall fashion." (Btw- all most of my outfit posts are now labeled by season. Check it out: Fall // Winter // Spring // Summer.) I think we can all agree this is pretty exciting! I pulled my beloved black booties down from storage at the beginning of this week, and the most terrifying thing happened: as I was pulling them on, a GIANT spider fell out of one. I wouldn't consider myself overtly terrified of spiders (rodents are more the bane of my existence) but it freaked me right out. Then I got to chase the spider around my room and smash it with the bootie. I imagine that's what it would feel like if one day the house you lived in fell on top of you. 
 photo 98D1EBA0-F002-4A37-BC46-B2005EAA0B5B_zpsdhdivoeu.jpg
Don't look too closely at this skirt that I cut from this dress (R.I.P. That's "rest in peace" not "my skirt looks like it's ripped.") Note in that post I said, "I think this dress will work better as a skirt" and it totally has! I love the print, but as a dress it was a bit too small. Surprisingly it made for a skirt that is the perfect length. 
 photo 6F4662A5-E749-447F-BA0C-3D7AF9218D84_zpsnegdim1t.jpg
Thanks to Mallory for taking these quick, iPhone, VSCOCam edited pics for me!

You can just barely see my nails in this picture, but they're that perfect shade of dark red, thanks to my ipsy for September! The shade is Red Red Wine by Pacifica.

I am cruising through a lengthy to-do list today before I babysit tonight, and head off for a quick, last-minute road-trip to see my brother Sundar, who will be flying to Chattanooga this weekend! I am so excited to see him, and I know it will be a wonderful spur-the-moment Fall trip. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend, thanks for reading!!

Oh, and be sure and check out Andi's Skirt Week link-up, here


Andi said...

thanks for linking up! I love this skirt! And I'm so scared of spiders camping out in shoes - any time I wear a pair that has been on the shelf for awhile, I bang on it quite a bit before sticking my toes in. I blame one of those educational videos that they showed us in 5th grade about black widow spiders, because there was a "reenactment" of a guy who put on his work boots and then DIED. So I'm extra paranoid. Even though I don't think we have poisonous spiders in Nebraska. Anyway, I would have freaked out, too!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love your skirt! The floral print is so pretty! I have a dress that would be better as a skirt...hmmm.

Kristian said...

A lovely look- also, I'm very impressed you went back and labelled all the outfits. Lovely!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That dress-turned skirt is gorgeous! ! The floral pattern is just perfect with the background color and the size of the flowers. Great idea to turn it into a skirt! As for the frayed edges, can you roll the elastic inward and then sew it in place? That might help hide it a bit :)

Priya said...

ok- your story has now terrified me! I'll be waaaay careful now. thanks for hosting the link-up!

Priya said...

girlfriend, go for it! cut that up!!

Priya said...

Ha, I suppose I *could* though I am not a seamstress, not even a little bit. I always beg my mom to help with stuff like that. That's exactly what I need, though!

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