Graphic Tee Week #1: The Rand-Me-Down

Hi & welcome to Graphic Tee Week! I am so excited to be hosting my very first theme week with the wonderful Andi of Just Another Smith. Theme Weeks are an awesome way to experiment with a certain item in your closet; especially one you love but often wear in a rut. 

For me, graphic tees are the "rut I love." I just can't stop buying them and wearing them, ever since about 7th grade! I decided to approach this theme week by looking at the different categories of graphic tees I own, and how I love to style them; in hopes that you might have them in your closet too.

So, to kick us off- here's my random hand-me-down graphic tee, and how I love to wear it. 
 photo IMG_6641_zps0673fb0b.jpg
| tee: from Shelby | belt: thrifted in Finland | tux pants: Old Navy | flats: Old Navy |

I have to thank my roommate, Shelby, for this gem. I think I always loved it when she owned it, so when I had the chance to make it mine, I didn't think twice! It's always nice when shirts give you color options, but this one demands red and black. 

The print makes me look more studious than I am (though, note: I do remember being in India when I was eight and finding a giant volume of Sherlock Holmes stories. I read The Speckled Band and it scared me straight. Haven't tried him since.) and the drapey fit is perfect for tucking in and belting. 
 photo IMG_6646_zpsb8286845.jpg
This outfit feels totally me! No doubt you have a random graphic tee in your dresser that you inherited/stole from someone. I say, because it's probably a little quirky, pair it with some classics: cuffed pants and flats. 

Also note that while both this shirt and pants are black, one looks grey, I guess I love it that much (file under: things I notice/care about that no one else will)? 
 photo IMG_6648_zps3db0a732.jpg
And in case you're wondering how my boyfriend feels about red lipstick, Hunter said, "I'll take pictures for you on one condition: you have to wipe that lipstick off as soon as we're done." Ok, mom. 
 photo IMG_6647_zps007eb1cd.jpg
Also important to note that I'm experimenting with a middle part again, and it is going SO much better than last time! 

Link up with your graphic tee looks below, and remember, you can join us all week all week! 
Tune in tomorrow for: The HS Fave.



Danielle Wallace said...

First of all... that new picture of you in the top right corner? Stunning. Whatever that flower thing is on your head, I love it.
I wish I had a graphic tee to link up with y'all! The only one's I have are Disney ones, one from a trip to Costa Rica, and 2 from Jamaica... none are very blog appropriate cute. They're more like put one with some shorts and hang out with family.
And when did your hair all of a sudden grow 3 inches?! The middle part looks great styled like that.
Ignore the boyfriend and you keep rocking those red lips ;)

Priya said...

You are so kind, Danielle! My talented friend Stephanie took some pictures of me when she visited Nashville, I've been playing around with them

I totally know what you mean- most of my tees are SO random (I also have some Disney ones) and more for hanging out or working out!

It's weird, all of a sudden, I realized I do not have a bob at all anymore. I guess the middle part makes it look even longer. Thank you thank you!

Andi said...

Perfect way to kick off the week! I love the literary tee and you totally nailed the styling!

Elissa said...

What a cute tee! I actually love Sherlock Holmes! Was one of my favorite boots when I was younger!


Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Love the t-shirt! Very style and great styling.


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I absolutely love this!! How cool that you're doing a theme week! That's so fun! Sherlock Holmes is the best, so I'm swooning over your shirt!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

love how you styled the graphic t-shirt with the tux pants

Isabella said...

You look so cool with your lipstick and Sherlock T! That boyfriend comment sounds familiar, though :)


Nothing but a Pigeon said...

Ooooooo! Love this tee with your dark lip color! Sooooo coooool!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

See it's funny because I was just thinking how awesome that lipstick looked on you right as I got to the part where you were telling us Hunter didn't like it. Rock it girl! You look AMAZING! You're one of the lucky ones who can pull off a dark lip without looking costumey. Love love love. I don't have any graphic tees to link up or I would try to! Love your outfit. I think you paired your graphic tee perfectly :)

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