Ipsy vs. Birchbox, October

For today's issue of things I spend too much time analyzing/discussing/talking about, I bring you the first part in a new series, ipsy vs. Birchbox that will last until one triumphant victor remains.

I certainly never considered myself the fabulous monthly subscription box type; that is, until I began delivering monthly ipsy's to my co-workers, and participating in the big reveal. For someone who tries to meticulously limit spending on those "extras" (basically, the lifeblood of ipsy and Birchbox), I have become quite a fan. These little surprises in the mail are one of the highlights of my month, have possibly made me a "beauty person", and keep me feeling fabulous until the next one arrives. I also have developed somewhat of a persuasive essay on why I find it worth it. Perhaps that's another post.

I originally signed up for ipsy and was placed on the waiting list, and after the encouragement from my friend Steph, decided to subscribe to Birchbox "for the time being." I was more interested in ipsy because I figured I only wanted make-up I could wear everyday, instead of the more "lifestyle" items you can get with Birchbox (gummy vitamins, hair products, etc.) Then my Birchbox started coming, I was pleasantly surprised, and then it started to get really good, and then my ipsy subscription began. 

Which brings me to the present quandry: now that I have my ipsy, I can go ahead and cancel my Birchbox, which was only meant to be temporary. Right?  I certainly don't need two subscriptions. I can't use them both, and though it's only $10 a month, it's a waste if I don't use it. But I began to grow quite fond of my Birchbox. What to do?! In an effort to find the better subscription box for me, I'm throwing my ipsy and Birchbox for October in the ring and letting them duke it out. 

If you skipped the rambling above ^: I'm trying to choose between the two subscriptions. Currently subscribed to both. Trying to keep one and lose the other. But which one is best for me?
ipsy (products left to right)
Skone Cosmetics TATOOED waterproof eyeliner- I've loved "felt tip" eyeliner since I tried it out on a $2 Forever 21 whim. Said whim was promptly thrown away as soon as I got this (it was definitely past its' prime anyway.) Great color, smooth application, and lasts all day! Mandatory for a cat eye.
*Noyah lipstick in Deeply in Mauve*- I was hesitant about this color at first, because it seemed like something a grandma might wear, but after trying it on, several of my work gf's said "Never wear another color again." The almost purple-y shade is one I never would have picked out on my own, but that's what makes these boxes so fun! Trying new stuff! Also, the texture of this lipstick feels drier and less sticky/glossy, which I understand is a quality of nicer lipstick. First time experiencing that.
Ayres Patagonia body butter- I've only used this once or twice after I threw it in a purse, but it smells great, and I love the little tub it came in. 
Nicole by OPI nail polish in On A Gilt Trip- To be honest...I haven't actually used this yet (though I have plans for a manicure after my babysittee goes to sleep tonight!) but I am jazzed about the shade! Gold is trendy, right? Also I only own a couple OPI shades, but I understand them to be the best. 
Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser- Haven't used this either, but I think it will be the perfect travel sized face wash this weekend (something I never seem to have with me when I travel, so that's nice!) 
*Favorite of the month! This tiny lipstick stays in my office card holder, and I've managed to wear it several times. The color is perfect for the season! Dith even borrowed it last weekend!

As for the Glam Bag itself, not my favorite, but it is perfect for my make-up brushes inside my other make-up bag. And I say you can never have enough of these little bags.
I'll do better on the photo next month!
Birchbox (products clockwise)
Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle- I'm a very simple hair kinda girl, I almost never use hair products (for better or for worse.) I got another "pre-styling spray" from Birchbox a few months ago, so I definitely didn't need another one. I tried this once and found that it didn't spread very evenly when sprayed, leaving me with some weird product-y spots. This might work better for someone committed to using styling products/styling their hair, but didn't work for me. 
dr. brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner- I haven't used this. Another 'box lament for me is the abundance of skin products. I rarely use any (again, for better or for worse) and I really don't need a pore eraser or crow's feet minimizer once a month. I just forget to use them and feel like I don't need them. I believe this is a mask, which could be fun to try some beauty day. 
Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy- I always just throw the lotions in my purse to use at a later date. This one smelled pretty good and came in a cute package. 
Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips- I can't get over that this is originally for nursing mothers, it kinda freaks me out. I keep this in my make-up bag for when I don't wear any lip color, but need a boost. It is certainly moisturizing, but more than a tiny dot feels seriously gloopy.  
*Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette*- I have a shimmery palette I use almost daily, but I've been pleasantly surprised by two of these matte shades. They're perfect for more natural days when I don't want the eyeshadow look, but still need something to anchor my liner. Eyeshadow samples are something that seem like they could get lost pretty easily, but I've enjoyed experimenting with these. 
*Favorite of the month! I honestly haven't gotten much use out of any of the others.

My victor this month: ipsy. Sure, I'm still in my honeymoon phase (only my second Glam Bag) but I've used and love (to some degree) every item in my ipsy. Birchbox, not as much. 

So, what's your vote for the month? Do you subscribe to ipsy or Birchbox? Perhaps you have in the past, or even have had the same quandary as me, and one has treated you better long-term? Do tell! 

If you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox (or both ;) for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox.

Tune in next month for November's battle of the subscription boxes, which should be showing up any day now, eep! ipsy's theme is Glitter Girl and I can. Not. WAIT. 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I'm all about Ipsy, but this month you got some marvelous things from Birchbox! I've heard that lately Birchbox has been upping their game, so just go with your gut! You can always switch subscriptions later. :)

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

I'm not an Ipsy subscriber, but I do have Birchbox! Although, those items in your Ipsy bag are very persuasive and have me second guessing a subscription. I received the same eye-shadow palette in my Birchbox and LOVE it. I've worn it nearly every day since I received it, and it's almost gone.

Unknown said...

Keep Ispy! Lose Birchbox :) Happy Friday and Enjoy a great weekend, Priya!


joy said...

I don't subscribe to ipsy or birchbox but I've always wanted to! Whenever I see posts on them, I'm always so curious as to what's in there for the month.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I just signed up for Ipsy in September and have yet to my October bag. That my only beef with them. I haven't try birchbox out yet.

Larissa said...

I totally know what you mean - I never thought I am the boxes kind of woman until I got the vegan box as a gift for a few months... well I I stopped the subscription for two months but these two months felt so boring and sad that I decided to subscribe again. Which I did. And I love it soooo much! Since Monday since week I am all exited because my box is supposed to arrive this week :D
Anyway, why do you not keep both? 10Dollar is really not that much... the vegan box is like 30Dollar. When you can use the products then just keep both and if not, then check which products you used more in the past months and cancel the box you used less :)!?

Brittney said...

Ipsy wins this one for me. Birchboxes usually carry more well-known brands and better samples, no? (At least according to the reviews I've read). Maybe they just had an off month?

Another Beautiful Thing

Rakel said...

amazing! love this!

Priya said...

Honestly I've heard that Birchbox has nicer products, but maybe that's why you get really small sample sizes, and who knows, maybe it's too fancy for my taste ;)

Priya said...

Girlfriend. I'm not just trying to use you for ipsy points- it's really that great. Yes, I've been using that eyeshadow more since you said that!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I don't use a lot of beauty products, in fact, I just get excited when I completely finish something! I can see the fun in these bags, getting presents every month. My boyfriend's mom had a subscription to Birchbox for several months, saved everything she hadn't used, and offered them to me! So I picked out the stuff I could use (basically anything that wasn't meant for the face as mine is super sensitive). Even with all the cool new things, I don't really need them and have to remind myself to use the extra products like hair care or specialty products. If you're liking and using your Ipsy products better, I would just stick to that! Birchbox has some random things, you're right. Not sure you'd need both!

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