weekend update: Amir, Autumn, & Another road-trip

*this post is ridiculous
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weekend update on a Wednesday?! yeah. I left for Davidson late Friday evening after a ping-pong tournament at work, got back late (-r than I planned!) on Sunday night, and hit the ground running Monday morning! we are in full swing with holiday plans at the office, and I also feel in full-swing with my holiday plans, I'll be back in California a week from Saturday, to which I say :D there are some really exciting things happening when I go to CA, to which I say :x I'll tell you soon.

don't worry, I'm not getting engaged! I recently got a text from Hunter that said, "here's the message I sent to the guys for guys night tonight, 'Gentlemen, tonight at 7:30 at Cinco de Mayo we will gather to morn the loss of yet another good man to the plague of pending nuptials.'" this is my response to anyone who asks me, "planning on getting married anytime soon?" 

oh goodness- yeah, I'm all over the place. this weekend!
it wasn't necessarily the best weekend for me to go and see Amir, but we did have the best time. he's busy and actually has many wonderful friends (that I had the pleasure of meeting!), but I told him to do his thing and we would hang when he was available (insert my biggest eye-roll.) 

Saturday morning we volunteered at a farm for his dorm event (me with the carrot, top left. I wish I was joking about how many times this carrot has made me laugh this week.) 

Saturday afternoon Amir had a friend's wedding to go to, (top right.) he looked so cute and dapper that I almost died, and promptly send pictures to everyone I knew. what did I do during this time, you ask? I realized just how good I am at wasting time when I have the option, I basically took a long shower, and a longer nap, messed around, read magazines at a coffee shop, whatever. it's fine. 

Sunday after church we had brunch, hiked in Charlotte, and spent a minute downtown. it ended with us running back to my car, whilst I ate a panini because I had to get on the road. 

the Fall in North Carolina was killing me it was that good. the Davidson campus is gorgeous, I am ridiculously proud of Amir and loved every minute of telling him dumb jokes that he respectfully laughed at. he won't be home for Thanksgiving, which begs the question- who will I play ping-pong and go on adventures with?! (Amir says, "Priya. Tuppy's getting into sports again. He's having a revival.") how is it that you wake up one day and your little brothers become the coolest and cutest? 

now for a week update: I woke up this morning and it is TOTALLY Winter in Nashville. like, high of 40 today Winter. ok, cool, guess it's time to find those coats I own, somewhere. I've had some fun friend hangs this week, as well as a good amount of sitting on the couch and watching Breaking Bad, which feels extra nice when it's freezing outside.

I hope you all are doing well! thanks for the ipsy // Birchbox insight on my last post. I'll be back with you soon! 


Larissa said...

Ive never been to North Carolina but it sounds really wonderful! Sorry to hear that Winter arrived in Nashville... here its still okay warm but its grey and wet and I am sooo happy to travel to Tunesia tomorrow and get some time off from work and Fall :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love that you said that the fall was so good it was killing you! That's how I feel about fall! I look around as I drive and wish I could stop in the middle of the road to admire the leaves falling and to snap a picture! Sounds like you had a fun, action-packed weekend!

Priya said...

Thanks Sara :) a tad dramatic but, that's my M.O.

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

Fall in North Carolina sounds beautiful! I hope you have a great time in California and can't wait to hear your exciting news! :)

Unknown said...

Hunter's text was so hilarious! Aren't brothers the best? Happy Tuesday Priya :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I was about to start screaming! I thought for sure that meant you were getting engaged. Way to get our hopes up! ;) It sounds like you've had a crazy but great weekend! I'm a bit jealous you're headed to Cali for Thanksgiving. Since it'll just be the two of us, I think I'll make salmon as a treat since we certainly can't eat a whole turkey!

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