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I'm gonna kill a few birds with one blogpost accomplish a few things here today, if you'll let me. Of course, I'm wearing clothes that I'm excited about so it's an outfit post, I was nominated twice for a blog award that I need to acknowledge, and I'm linking up today! And away we go!
 photo CEDAD5EC-EB28-4862-8312-B29014110152_zpszo3yroot.jpg
| earrings: Nashville Flea | coat: Old Navy from Carina | top: Gap from Carina | skirt: vintage from Mom | tights: from Amanda? | boots: Report from Carina | 

I have to mention that I got several batches of hand-me-downs recently, and as I've mentioned a few times around here, hand-me-downs are probably one of my favorite things in life. What is better than free clothing from stylish people you know who are practically begging you to take it off their hands?? If there is something, haven't found it yet. 
 photo E4C97FC6-22EE-4968-B69B-3B1635C4A293_zpsjh9hh0rz.jpg
Anyway. This skirt falls squarely into the "random things my mom had that she gave to me" category. I think she got it from someone like 20 years ago and it's been sitting at our house. Well, thanks Mom (also, hi Mom, love you!) I also picked up this discarded coat from a closet in our house. I guess Carina upgraded to a new black peacoat, fine by me :)
 photo DA9E88BD-47D0-4CCA-B823-6DF140C9CFAC_zpsmxsqd5tx.jpg
a BIG thank you to both Laila of Tape Parade and Ashley of The Nashvillian for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award (both with different requirements, interesting...)

Questions from Laila:
What is your favorite animal?
Probably a panda.

What is your favorite meal to cook?
I'm more of a baker (and I can't really cook) but Indian food, when it turns out!

Do you think the Green Party is underrepresented in current media (UK centric, sorry)?
Ha, oh Laila. I have no idea.

When is the last time you took a day off?
Two weeks ago I was out for a week for Thanksgiving!

What do you know about 3D printing and how excited does it make you?
I know literally nothing. Sounds exciting though!
 photo 000B442E-D35F-41BE-B133-64F49B873121_zpsonhywcu9.jpg
*photos edited with VSCOCam*
Seven Random Facts About Me from Ashley:
1. My initials are the first three letters of my last name, Priya Ann Pappu. 
2. Least picky eater of all time, but not a huge fan of watermelon or artichokes.
3. My favorite jokes are typically "Dad humor" or of the "good, clean, fun" variety. 
4. I believe my favorite movie when I was a kid was The Big Rock Candy Mountain
5. I minored in journalism in college. 
6. I wouldn't consider myself an "animal person" (sorry Ashley!) but I do hope to get a dog one day! 
7. Latest obsession- probably my new planner for next year! I love writing/journaling/planners. 

Kinda blanking on "fun facts" here, I hope those weren't super lame.
 photo onelovelyblog-300x288_zpsbd1b30ad.jpg
Linking up (today, and yesterday's post) with Ashley for Two For Tuesday. You can link up twice too, and she'll pick a couple winners! Thanks for being a blog friend Ashley!! 

I hope you all are finding time to enjoy yourselves in the craziness of this season! Hard to believe I'm already making plans to head back west next week. I am so unprepared. 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Your hair looks so pretty and shiny and smooth!! I love hand-me-downs too! My mom gives me things too and it's the best! I can't give hand-me-downs to my younger siblings because they're my brothers and I doubt they want to wear dresses! lol

Yay pandas! They're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy! Thank you so much for humouring my weird questions... also.... indian food is my prize meal to cook also :)

That skirt is wondeful as well, I love it. Good for your mother for keeping it all those years! :) And I know people probably say this all the time but the black looks so good with your black hair (I have this a bit too, yay for dark hair!) xxxx

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

Girl, you look STUNNING in those photos! Also, let it be known that I wasn't an animal person either until I actually had a dog, so there is hope for you yet. hehe ;-) Thanks for linking up!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Love learning more about you. Total agree that hand me down are awesome.

Priya said...

You should absolutely steal clothes from your younger brothers if you can- especially button-ups! I do it all the time :) thanks Sara!

Kristian said...

Fun to find out more about you. I like the skirt!

Priya said...

Oh I loved answering them, thanks again Laila!

Priya said...

Well thank you, sweet Ashley! Interesting, I would have never ever guessed that about you!!

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