2014: What I Wore

I have loved getting to read everyone's "best outfits of the year" posts! So handy to have all my favorite blogger's favorite outfits in one place, like your own personal highlight reel! I enjoy the "lookbook" aspect of blogging; because it's great to see what I loved wearing this year, what I wore the most, and what didn't work quite as well. 

Also interesting- can you get a good feel for your year by looking at what you wore? Compared to 2013 (graduating college, starting a real job) 2014 seemed pretty routine to me. I try my best to appreciate the exciting AND mundane moments of life, because as they say, "How we spend our days, of course, is how we live our lives." That being said; I love that these outfits coordinate with highlights of my year- trips, holidays, friends visiting, my birthday, etc. Being a fashion blogger (to some degree), I obvi place some significance in what I'm wearing; and this is proof to me that what I wear ties so closely to     memories of what I did. 

Now presenting: my favorite outfits of 2014! 
 photo JanJune2014F2_zpsd433d903.jpg
 photo JulyDec2014F2_zps4b7b15d5.jpg
Special thanks to Huntee, Kelley, Amir, Stephanie, Mom, Andrea (I think that covers it) for taking my photos this year AKA making the blog happen.

Breakdown by month (with links to full post)
January, emerald city: An outfit made entirely of pieces I love and frequently wear (esp. the pants), pics taken in CA!
February, perfectly beautimous: The post where I talk about my "beauty routine." This skirt is a thrifted GEM. 
March, leopard & donkey print: Another thrifted gem skirt, a new dress worn as a top. Loved this. 
April, spring stripes: Just realizing this dress appears TWICE in this list. This combo is one of my favorites of all time! 
May, the highs & lows of Banff: A "Spring" outfit in Canada! This dress was a life-saver the whole trip. 
June, weekend update: birthday // weekend: Worn on my 23rd birthday. Includes another popular '14 item- my jean jacket! 
July, a brunch & clog story: I love this unexpected combo, on a trip to Memphis. Hunter's fav for the year. 
August, Sunflowers! : Steph took these pics so that makes the outfit even better, but this dress is perfection. 
September, Denim Tourist: Out to dinner with my brother and Hunter in Chattanooga. Easy, and I felt great in this! 
October, The Rand-Me-Down: My fav look from "Graphic Tee Week", love the tee dressed up with lipstick. 
November, Blazer Bus: Proud of myself for resurrecting old tees. These gold loafers are another fav from '14. 
December, If You're Reading This... : "New to me" clothing is just as well! Sporting goodies from a co-worker. 

And my winner for the year? That's tough, but probably March, leopard & donkey print. I love every single piece that makes up this look, I got my hair done that day, AND was on my way to see my younger brother star in a show, which was one of my most special memories of the year.

Which one is your perfectly Priya winner for the year? 
If you compiled a "2014 Best Of" anything list, please leave the link in a comment, I'd love to check it out! 

Be back soon to wrap up 2014 with "What I Did" and my last memories from Hawaii. 


a sweet world said...



Larissa said...

I love all your outfits Priya, but I especially love this pink coat you were wearing in April. Next to that I think December and January are my favorites :) But anyway, you are such a stylish girl you always look so good!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

January is my favorite outfit you wear. You wear a lot of cute outfit last year.

Kristian said...

It is always interesting to see the changes that happen to style though out the year, and yes, I think what is going on in one's life definitely can affect one's over all style!

Priya said...

You are too sweet, thank you! April was definitely a close second for me, I love that coat!

Alissa said...

Okay, January is my absolute favorite outfit of yours!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Yep you picked some true gems here Priya! I'm partial to May because that dress is probably my favorite item you own and the dress from August just looks amazing on you!

Brynn said...

I'm newer to your blog, so it was really fun for me to see all of your favorite outfits for the year in once place! I think May and June are my favorites :)

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