I'm Sprung!

iPhone pics taken by Kelley, edited with VSCOCam

| top: Anthro from Carina | skirt: vintage from Mal | clogs: Old Navy | lipstick: Coral Cutie by e.l.f. | 

Any T-Pain fans out there? If you are specifically NOT a T-Pain fan, maybe reconsider after you watch this video of him singing sans auto tune in an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. How could you NOT love him with lyrics like "she got me doin' the dishes / anything she wants for them kisses" ?  ANYway...

I could not put together a more quintessential Spring outfit if I tried! This combo initially came together as I was packing for this trip. Since I decided to stick to three tops total, this one stayed home, but I kept the outfit in mind to wear asap. I wore it to work on one of the first nice Spring days, walked to tacos for lunch with my friend, and generally enjoyed the day, and this combo! Oh, and this really good hair day. I swear to you my hair could not be more hit or miss, especially with this shorter haircut. Today it is looking roughhhh. 

Oh yeah, this is not the first time I've worn these clogs with gingham, and it will not be the last. 

Any fun plans for this weekend? I'll be doing a little babysitting, a little partying (for the Masters and two birthdays!) and a little cooking for my lunch group at work on Monday. And hopefully a LOT of sleeping and maxin' relaxin'. Getting through the end of this week after the craziness of last "weekend" has been a little rough. Thanks for reading guys, have a great one! 


Ash @ The Nashvillian said...


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You look adorable. Every time you wear those clogs! So cute. Gosh girl, do you ever get a break??

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Floral, gingham, and clogs?! LOVE! I'm now 100% certain I need clogs in my life because they are adorable on you!

Priya said...

Thanks! It was such a lucky going-away gift from my friend Mallory!

Priya said...

I am so glad I bought them in two colors. As soon as it was warm again, I've been wearing them all the time!!

Ha- sometimes. Anyone who knows me will tell you I can't sit still for long. That's a good and bad thing!

Priya said...

These won't last forever and then I think I'll invest in some Hasbeens, since I wear them so much! Thanks Sara <33

reshma said...

Love this outfit on you! Mixing prints is so intimidating for me... I would have never thought of mixing these two, but it looks so cute!! Btw, you're hair look awesome! :)

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful combination. Mixing prints is so much fun, it makes an outfit really stand out from the rest. Your gingham skirt is also to die for!


Unknown said...

ok those are like the cutest t pain lyrics, ever. i kind of like him more now, haha! and this outfit is all sorts of fabulous. i've been putting off switching my winter clothes with my summer pieces because I just know chicago isn't done with its flippy weather and I don't want to tease myself with bare legs. This outfit is making me impatient though- I love the fun pattern mixing!

xo marlen
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Alysia Avé said...

I love this top! The way you paired it with the skirt looks so flattering on you! And I'm going to need clogs in my life soon.

Alysia Ave

Danielle Wallace said...

Sooo at first when I read your post title I was like huuuuh... but it didn't take me more than a few secs to start singing in my head (only because I was at work) "I'm sprunggg out to get me. Got me doin things I never dooo." But spring has finally sprung, thank God! Pretty sure this skirt was made for you. I love that blouse too!

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