Weekend Update: Masters Party!

It was a party Saturday, for sure.

I write about Huntee on here sometimes, but I don't know if I've mentioned how much he loves SPORTS. Playing them, following them, watching them, ALL of them. Anybody resonate with that? So Huntee knew the only way to get me to watch the Masters with him this weekend (ALL WEEKEND) was by throwing a: theme party! I think theme parties are my love language, seriously. 

We had a small Masters party last year where we had pimento cheese sandwiches and wore golf-y outfits, but definitely took it up a notch this year, with a better food and drink spread, decor, larger guest list, etc. I was texting Huntee about it last week and I said "I want centerpieces!" somewhat jokingly, and he replied "Oh I know, I am going to fill a vase up with golf balls." Heart-eye emoji! This dude is his mother's son, I'll tell you what.

We had a blast! (I only managed to get a couple iPhone snaps of me and my co-host!)
 photo IMG_5028_zpstf1dzqvh.jpg photo IMG_5030_zpsubync9f6.jpg photo IMG_8183_zpsmkme5ix6.jpg
 photo IMG_8158_zpsmojsnha3.jpg
 photo IMG_8186_zpszslcemh5.jpg
Even the newlyweds came out (and they both had legit Masters t-shirts. Okay guys.) Also this hat looks so weird on me!

After this party we went to two birthday parties: a rowdy 60th backyard bash, and more of a chill, hipster 35th. And then I swan-dived into my bed, you know the drill ;) even this party animal has about a three party max per day. 

I spent the majority of Sunday shopping, prepping, and cooking for my lunch bunch at work. Also managed to get my oil changed and go out for dinner with Hunter, as soon as Jordan got the green jacket, and I was getting hangry. Oh no, is my blog becoming like my journal, a detailed commentary on my to-do list??

I hope you all are having a lovely week so far! We had gorgeousss Spring weather this weekend (can you tell from these pictures?) but so far this week it's been rainy and gloomy. Perfect "cleaning my neglected apartment" weather. Talk to you soon! 


reshma said...

I love this theme party idea! The center piece looks awesome by the way... love the flag! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

Larissa said...

Hunter is so clever :D I think I should tell my husband to make small parties when he wants to watch soccer - I think I would watch soccer with him, if he would make good food and invite some nice people. Your theme party looks like so much fun and you all look so sophisticated.
Love it!

Danielle Wallace said...

Themed parties- yesss! I've always wanted to go to a "white trash bash." Maybe someone will throw me a themed party for my golden 25th birthday next year.. but probably not haha.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You guys are adorable. I cannot picture you in a polo for an everyday look. You still manage to make it look good. Such a fun themed party!

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