Weekend Update: friendbender weekend

I know, I know, Weekend Update on a Wednesday? Well, trust me, it's felt like the longest weekend EVER, since I've been hanging out with friends in town late into the night every day since last Thursday. At some point during the weekend I thought to myself, this just feels like one long bender...of friendship. So, I'm calling this "Friendbender" weekend. 
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Thursday afternoon I got my turn to host my sweetest friend Ashley (who is a teacher, on Spring Break in Nashville for the week, bouncing around from friend to friend.) She met me after work, we had a raincheck run at the Y, walked to Rosepepper for margs & Mexican food, came back to my apartment and did our nails while watching Dirty Dancing. It was a perfect evening that, I know, basically didn't exist because we didn't take any pictures, sorry Ashley, not sure how that happened!!

Friday afternoon after an incredible Good Friday service, I rushed to pick up Amir who had hitched a ride for Easter weekend with some friends from school. We went straight to Hunter's, where we had a fancy dinner/hang with friends. Shout-out to Kris. 

Saturday morning the boys and I ran separately, and then went to Christine (my work-mom/boss)'s birthday brunch where we hung out most of the day. Shout-out to Sam & Christopher who ask me at work every single day if they can be on my blog. You know that awkward moment where your blog life and real life collide?? Welcome to the blog gentlemen! 

That night Amir had his first hot chicken AND Broadway in Nashville experience. He decided it wasn't his scene, but enjoyed checking it out nonetheless. 

Sunday Amir and I went to an awesome Easter service, got adopted for an Easter lunch with these cuties, went on a quick hike to Beaman Park, then to dinner at Edley's and dirty Melrose for ping-pong. Oh- Hunter brought us BOTH Easter baskets. 

Monday- I went to work, Amir hung out, we met up in the afternoon and proceeded to watch the game and eat pizza in my apartment. Laaaate that night Jenae & Daniel arrived and I again stayed up way too late because !best friend sleeping over at my apartment and we had everything to talk about! These two. Oh man. They are perfect.

Tuesday morning Amir had to go, I met Jenae & Daniel at Hot Diggity Dog for lunch, and they checked out the Nashville Zoo. That evening we hung out a bit, then went downtown for dinner and drinks and wedding talk.

Finally, this morning Jenae, Daniel and I had one last hurrah breakfast before they hit the road, Charleston, SC bound. And that is probably more than you cared to know about how friendbender weekend went down!

Which brings us right up to now, I am deliriously tired but happy. Life rocks. So thankful my buddy Amir could fill my family quota for Easter weekend, and that I could hang with Jenae & Daniel before their wedding festivities begin (kicking off with Jenae's bach the first weekend in May.) Now if only they would just move to Nashville...

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend (or otherwise) as well! I'm off to sleeeeep off this bender, man! 


reshma said...

wow! that does seem like a fun long weekend! girls night IN thursday sounds perfect! glad you had a great week with your friends... I love visitors! :)

Larissa said...

Oh you dont have Easter Monday off in the US? Here its a holiday :) Anyway, this really sounds like a busy and wonderful week! How cute of Hunter to bring both of you Easter bags! I did not get any Easter bag but thats okay :D
I hope you enjoy this weekend as much as the last one :)!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

SO BUSY! How do you do it?? But you are constantly surrounded by friends and family which I feel is living the dream. Way to Hunter on bringing Easter baskets for you and Amir. That is a great boyfriend. I'm waiting patiently for the big announcement... hehe :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

way to *go Hunter. haha

Priya said...

I really do too, but I'm a slave to routine so by the end I'm always freaked out/exhausted :)

Priya said...

No we don't >:(

He is cute about stuff like that! It was such a nice surprise.

Priya said...

It always comes in waves, but yes, I usually have visitors since most of my family/close friends are still in CA! It was really really sweet and THAT MAKES TWO OF US ;)

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