Fedor-able or Fedork-able?

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| hat: Amazon | top (formerly dress): F21 via Carina | pants: Gap Factory | sandals: Target |

Happy Fri-yay friends! After a tumultuous week, Friday dawned bright and sunny, and with the promise of a full weekend ahead! I even got to join my darling Kelley and her dad (who is in town visiting) for a wonderful lunch, so yup, today is feeling pretty good! 

Last weekend Huntee desperately "owed me" some quality time. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said "Anything you want! We can take a whole memory card full of photos for your blog!" Does the man know me, or what :p. 

We didn't take a memory card full, but we did get to go over to this lavender (trust me) house (?) in my neighborhood that I've been eyeing for weeks. I run and drive on the same few streets in East Nashville everyday; and that part of town is full of beautiful, colorful, historical homes. I love living, and hanging out, (and taking outfit photos!) in East Nashville!

Anyway: I asked Hunter what he thought about my outfit (that I had worn the week previously) he said, "I like the bottom half." I'll be the last person on earth to ever wear an actual FEDORA, but a straw hat like this is so common, it doesn't even feel like a statement anymore!

A few new things in this 'fit: 
- white pants that totally got neglected last Summer, and I'm determined to make a staple,
- THE sandals, that everyone has, and I totally get why. Haven't taken them off since I got them, also, #accessoryrule,
- a hand-me-down dress from Carina that my mom recently hemmed into a shirt. The pockets are a little weird,
- added this hat into an Amazon order for free shipping. I had a straw hat at one point, that got squashed on a trip. Welcome back!

So, fedor-able or Fedork-able? You decide. 

Have a grand weekend, everyone!! Thanks for reading.


reshma said...

Fedorable! I was just noticing the white skinny jeans in my closet last week and thinking I need to wear them... And I've been eyeing this sandals forever... Perfect way to top of this look with that hat! ... Did u catch what I did there? ;)

Stardust said...

very cute fedora, looks great on you! :)

(IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Fedorable! You pull it over very well! I like hats, but I think I look weird in them! That top is absolutely adorable!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Fedorable for sure! I'm glad you got a new one because it looks great! Aww I love that Hunter offered to take so many pictures for you. How sweet :)

Danielle Wallace said...

Definitely fedorable! I wear my fedora almost every weekend. It adds a little something to an otherwise pretty simple outfit, but the best plus is that I don't have to wash my hair when I wear it. ;) I do love that you made this dress into a blouse! It reminds me of those little embroidered, Mexicanish style shirts that are in lately!

Danielle Wallace said...

OH! And a man who offers to take a memory card full of outfit photos is a keeper. If I ever visit you in Nashville, tell him I will take him up on the offer since my hubby 1) does not take my outfit photos 2) is TERRIBLE and picture taking. He could make a super model look like an elephant in a picture, I swear.

Unknown said...

Lovely look! Cool fedora

Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

Unknown said...

This look is so absolutely adorable! The sandals and pants are perfect.


Nothing but a Pigeon said...

I love a crisp white fedora! It looks great on you! I really want to visit Nashville... everyone is moving there!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I look hdeous in fedoras but ok in other kinds of hats, I'm not sure why. I'm actually going to go head to head with Hunter and say I prefer the top half of this outfit? The bottom half is great but I love the fedora and shirt A LOT. So definitely fedorable. X

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