Packing List: For A [Bachelorette] Long Weekend

Last week I shared my ten basic packing tips; and proceeded to promptly use them as I traveled home for my friend Jacqui's bachelorette party/bridal shower weekend. Let's see how I did!

But first, here's what I packed:
not pictured: undies, lots of "supplies" for the festivities, toiletries, one workout outfit

For the first time ever, I considered what I had read about in several articles about packing: sticking to a color palette. Mine seemed to be black, denim, and pink (very appropriate for a bridal weekend, I would say.) Weather was slated to be [basically perfect] everywhere I went (80's during the day, 60's in the evening) and I had several activities in mind as I was gathering my things. Let's take a closer look at the items, and what worked/didn't work.
neutral slouchy tee: J.Crew, black tank: Target, pink top: Old Navy

I opted to wear a top + pants combo for our girl's night out, and was excited to debut this new one from Old Navy! The pink top also could have been worn with the patterned shorts for an alternate night out. I wore the slouchy tee on the left the most (by the time I flew back it was very, very slouchy haha) and loved it. At press time, unforunately & ironically, that shirt got bleach stained in the laundry. So this trip was a last hurrah.
all bottoms from Old Navy

Ha, guess where I like to shop. I've avoided wearing or buying shorts for years because I just didn't like them all that much. I needed to find the right style for me, these patterned shorts are "tailored", and the jean shorts are "boyfriend." I imagined exploring SLO in the patterned ones (check!) and road-tripping/hanging out in the denim (check!) These are my new favorite jeans, I wore them all weekend and then again on Wednesday. I'll get some outfit photos in them soon, but they're my third pair of black Old Navy Rockstar jeans and they are the BEST. 
crossbody: Target, sunnies: H&M, tote: gift (Marimekko), watch: c/o JORD, necklaces: Amazon, studs: Kate Spade

Accessories are always a little tricky for me to pack. Like I referenced in my packing tips post, I knew I wanted a tote bag to carry-on, and a crossbody purse for adventuring. I thought a couple statement necklaces would be effortless accessorizing for the simple tops I had. And then lived in my sunglasses, JORD watch, and glitter studs all weekend. 
dress: vintage via The Braided Bandit (giveaway win), jacket: Gap

I haven't worn this pretty dress in a while, and I picked it out to wear to the bridal shower. I was kinda joking about never leaving home without my jean jacket...but seriously, I love it more with every wear. I've talked before about how I've had it since...early high-school? Possibly 8th grade? And I will never ever get rid of it! It just now feels like it's that perfect level of worn in. 
wedges: Target, sandals: Target, trainers: Mizuno

The trickiest challenge here was nicer shoes that would work for both Friday night out AND the shower on Sunday. Enter: my beloved orange wedges. The sandals were perfect for hanging out and going to the pool. I actually wore my Mizunos for the trip both ways (no shame!) and of course for various exercise. 

In my packing tips post, I wrote about how my goal for packing smart is to feel prepared on my trips, and otherwise, not be bothered by what I pack/what I wear. This is in hopes to more fully enjoy where I am, and who I'm with; instead of getting distracted by what I'm wearing! 

So I suppose the test for my packing list is: did I like what I wore? Did I feel prepared? Did packing smart eliminate the distraction of living out of a suitcase this past weekend?

Answer being: YES! And thank goodness. Between not sleeping, road-tripping, and helping with a million little details for the bachelorette party and bridal shower...I didn't have a spare minute or spot in my brain to be concerned with fashion!

My one critique of this list is: I got pretty tired of wearing the slouchy tee + black jeans, and by the way home, my shirt was WAY stretched out. It may be better to start with a more fitted tee that becomes slouchy as the weekend goes on, haha.

With all this talk of packing for a trip around perfectly Priya lately, I'd love to hear from you! What's the one item you don't leave home without? What's your never fail packing tip? How do you think I did on this packing list?

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Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

You packing pro you! I like the combination of clothes here and colors! I think you did great on this packing list! I never leave home without bringing one dress though because they're so easy to throw on and can be dressed up or down. Hope a fab weekend!
Sincerely, Sara

Larissa said...

I really enjoy your packing lists and they remind me that I should pack more thoughtful ;)
I would love to know your opinion on my new post on consumerism… I am thinking about making some kind of blogger group with a own button saying something like « conscious blogger ». What do you think about this? Would you like to be part of it?

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Great job packing Priya! This is THE perfect amount of clothes for all your plans. You pack similarly to me in that regard. Sticking with a color palette helps so much doesn't it?? I'm loving those patterned shorts. Since summer is ending pretty soon, I'll have to keep an eye out for a pair at thrift stores during winter, maybe some new year closet purging will let me snag a pair for cheap!

reshma said...

I think you did an excellent job with this packing! Although I can't say I stick to this every time I pack, I think having one item with a great pattern and mix of colors really helps. That way you can pair it with different tops/bottoms and totally change the look. I also like carrying a small bottle of frebreze to go to freshen up items that I plan on wearing more than once.

Brynn said...

You packed just the right amount for your weekend away :) I love all the mix and match potential!

Priya said...

Genius, I need to do that! Thanks, Reshma!

Priya said...

I think the tailored style is really in right now (thank goodness!) I feel like they are very age appropriate for us. Definitely look out for some! Thanks, Lauren!

Priya said...

That is a great piece of advice, thanks Sara!

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