My Updated Style Strategy

| shirt: Brooks Brothers via Mom | necklace: gift (J.Crew) | pants: Gap Factory | heels: J.Crew via Carina |

A lot has been swirling around the blogosphere lately about "style strategies"; the most popular of these being minimalism. While I love a good capsule packing job, and generally agree with the paradox of choice theory, I have to say: 

I'm a maximalist! I like having options! I like having three of the same thing! And it is nearly impossible for me to get rid of things. I've started to see this sentiment peeking out of blogs as well which makes me feel like, ok, it's safe for me to say.

That being said, I do have a style strategy: to wear out my closet. I've thrown that phrase around on the blog, but what does it actually mean? To me, it means it's ok for me to have more t-shirts and flats than I actually need, as long as they serve a purpose. Seems simple enough, right?

Like most, I'm constantly in the never-ending process of ridding my closet of items that no longer fit- my body or my lifestyle. Like I mentioned, I'm allowing myself to have options, or say, the dress that I like to wear once a season, just so long as I'm actually doing it!

I've read on several blogs about people going through their closet strictly every season, eliminating items that didn't get worn. This seems like a pretty good system to me! To set myself up for the inevitable "but I'll wear this next Summer, promise!" a few weeks ago, I rotated my closet and drawers into sections that had yet to be worn this Summer. If, in a few weeks, those items are still un-worn: out they go

So just know: my closet is full of clothes I've had forever, random hand-me-downs from distant friends and relatives, and whatever new-ish stuff I've managed to buy in the last few years. Though I totally failed my no shopping goal this year, I'm still trying not to shop a lot. The easiest way to do this is of course, to shop my closet. 

It's also very handy keeping track of this venture on my blog. When I contemplate losing/keeping an item, if it hasn't been on my blog ever, that's a pretty good sign that it's completely out of style or ill-fitting. If I'm making a plea to keep it, I have to style it in an outfit that is immediately "blogworthy" (that word is probably a post for another day...but what I mean is, something I actually like and want to wear.)

Case in point here: this button-up. I stole this from my mom a few years ago, and hadn't worn it in nearly as long. But I think I'll keep it still, because I liked this outfit. I copied it straight out of J.Crew's Fall 2015 lookbook, and I know I've seen it before this year too. Seems like a classic piece that can stand the test of time. 

So I'm telling you this mostly so you can keep me accountable, and maybe help me out, if you're anything like me. Do you have the hardest time getting rid of stuff? What works for you? How do you "wear out your closet?" 

This turned wordier than I intended, so; I thank you for reading, and for making perfectlyP a safe space where I can over-think cleaning out my closet. Cheers to ya!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Very chic outfit. I failed on my shopping ban as well


Alysia Avé said...

What an effortless look! That necklace is amazing!!!
I'm with you. I love having a lot to work with in my closet. That being said, I've made a commitment to myself to only buy things that I really love instead of grabbing a bunch of things because they're cheap! Same for my closet, if I don't love it, it's gone!

Alysia Ave

Bri Marie said...

This outfit is incredible on you - and LOVE that you also wear hand-me-downs from your mom. That's how I get some of my best pieces! Shopping bans have never ever worked for me...does that mean we have a problem?! :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is such a classy outfit Priya! Those leopard heels have me drooling! I like this new closet idea. Back when we were all using Go Chic or Go Home, there was a woman on their who had the same goal to "wear her closet." How it worked is that she had to wear at least one "new" piece in every outfit until she wore every item she owned. So she could wear several favorites and one new pair of shoes, accessory, top, etc. Maybe that would help you to try each leftover item in your closet to decide whether or not to keep it. I've thought about doing that but I love the options of my entire closet! hahaha

Larissa said...

I love this look Priya! So elegant and cool. Perfect :)
Have a great Monday!

Priya said...

That rule right there is a great one, and may be the only one you need- IF you can be staunch about following it!

Priya said...

Thanks so much Bri! She has some great classic pieces that I only started to appreciate as I got older. Now I "borrow" from her whenever I get the chance ;)

Priya said...

Thanks Lauren. Was so happy to finally get a pair of shoes like this, they almost feel like a staple! I love that idea- thank you for sharing it with me!

Unknown said...

This outfit is so fresh and effortless looking. I love the accessories you chose, especially the shoes - so unexpected!

<3 Megan

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