Snapshots of Life, XI: The Summer Edition!

Ah, Summertime. You were dreamy, humid, and a little bit crazy this time around. With Labor Day "bookending" the last part of the Summer, I figured it was the perfect time to share my snapshots of life lately- little moments that just didn't make it on perfectlyP, but I don't want to forget!
June (left to right)
saw my girl Katie for half a day when I was home for Jenae's wedding, here she is being cute at work
also got to spend an evening out with my favorites, <3 the twins <3 they are hilarious and the best
here I am "enjoying" In n Out after Jenae's wedding with Steph. All this happened in one weekend actually haha 
I call this "so fun spending time together" (can you tell they're on their phones?) in Florida for Sundar's graduation
probably our favorite babysitting charges, L & MC, Huntee trying to wrangle them #dying
Nashville Sounds game with our sweet friends Michael & Amanda. I mean, baseball = Summertime
Carina & Amir went to the Taylor Swift show together and it was the CUTEST THING EVER
I don't know that I shared the amazing view from our balcony at #MrsSuarezEnFuego weekend. CA <3
Monday before I left CA Sundar, Tuppy & I went to Chavez. A good old Mexican taqueria. It was fun.

So this weekend I am frantically trying to cross a few more off my Summer Bucket List, while it's still legit Summer. Though I will likely give myself an extension because I know I have some stuff coming up. And idowhatiwant. This in the middle of babysitting, dogsitting, watching too much college football (see this tweet), seeing some friends, and hopefully an adventure. 

If I don't make it back here before the weekend is over- have a wonderful Labor Day! 

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Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I like this summer roundup! You always seem to be laughing when you're with your family! These pictures are so precious. I bet it's fun to babysit with Hunter!

Priya said...

Thanks! I love that you said that- I do have a lot of fun being around my siblings.

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