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This Summer, JORD reached out to me about reviewing a wood watch (read the full review here!) Since I received & reviewed it, it has rarely left my wrist. I wear it pretty much every day, because it is lightweight, simple, and goes with everything! Recently JORD inquired again, this time to see if I had a guy in mind that might like a wood watch this holiday season. I thought, "I know a guy ;)." My boyfriend Hunter has been absolutely loving his JORD watch. I only asked him to wear it, and let me take some photos, but HE insisted on writing down some "quick thoughts", and here we are. I'll let him take it away- since you read my writing all the time :). 


| shirt: Lucky | jeans: Gap Factory | boots: Target | watch: c/o JORD |

At times, being the boyfriend of a fashion blogger has its perks! 

My lovely girlfriend, Priya, recently received a beautiful watch from JORD Wood Watches for her to feature on her blog. Faithful followers of perfectly Priya know that, since receiving the watch, she has fallen in love with it and has made it a mainstay on the blog. The folks at JORD were also nice enough to send Priya a men’s watch to be featured on her blog. 

Because I am Priya’s main squeeze, (and because I have a wrist upon which a watch may be worn,) I have been gifted the men’s watch, which is the subject of today’s post!
It doesn’t take a watch fanatic to notice that this watch is something special.  It's made of wood, which is a fact that alone makes it a unique timepiece. 

After wearing the watch for about a week, I can dismiss any concerns that one might have over its' durability or comfort. I have dropped it twice (I’m not careless, just a bit clumsy) and the watch has not a single scratch or dent. Although the watch is sturdy and durable, it is still surprisingly light weight and comfortable. The inside surface (the part that comes in contact with your skin) feels almost seamless.  It doesn't pinch or rub awkwardly at all, and the clasp is easy to operate. This watch is simply a result of superior craftsmanship.
In terms of the appearance, the watch is sleek and stylish. The dark wood is very handsome and rugged, but the pearl-colored woven carbon fiber gives it a classy and elegant touch. It's very versatile, in that it can be worn with so many different color combinations.  Personally, I love the way it looks with gray or navy, but I have also successfully paired it with a few plaid flannels button up shirts. The fashion possibilities with this watch are endless!
If you're looking for a watch that is durable but elegant, stylish but unique, then look no further. At $149, it's very affordable, especially when compared to other high end brands. 

I have gotten more compliments on this watch in one week than I have gotten on any other item in my wardrobe, and that is absolutely no exaggeration. Watches make for a really great Christmas gift, and a watch this awesome is guaranteed to make your boyfriend so happy that he will sit quietly through every minute of the upcoming season of The Bachelor with you, so what are you waiting for! Check out JORD Wood Watches, and save your boyfriend a spot on the couch next to you as Ben Higgins picks his way through ABC’s most recent crop of hotties!


Adorable, and unprompted, I swear! Thanks Huntee!

JORD Watches do make the perfect Christmas gift for that special guy in your life. They've been kind enough to give me a limited quantity of $25 giftcards for you guys! Order by 12/20 (in the US) to have your watch delivered before Christmas. Follow the link below to have your code emailed directly to you! 

Hunter & I were provided with the watch free of charge, but all opinions are OBVI our own! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I absolutely love this post!! How sweet of JORD to send you a men's watch to give to your man! It looks so great on him. Hunter is quite the model! As I was looking through the watches again to find a favorite for the gift code, I found a new model that I love. Can I just have one of each please? Thanks!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Thanks was so nice of Jord to send you a mens watch. Have a great weekend.


Larissa said...

Hunter, you write very well! Maybe you should consider taking over Priyas blog more often ;) also you make a great model! I think the two of you should do more blogging together :)
By the way, why did Jord not approach me yet ;)? I would like to review their watches too ;)
Have a great day both of you!

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