Weekend Update: Denver & Rachel

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Hi! I spent the best last weekend in Denver, CO (and the surrounding areas) just hanging with my friend Rachel, and seeing her whole world for the past year & a half. I'd been meaning to go out there for a while and finally made it happen, and I am truly so so glad I did. 

As I was telling Hunter on the way to the airport, Rachel and I were definitely friends throughout high school, (we had overlapping friend groups, some classes together, were football statisticians together, etc.) but it was really only after high school that we became close. I vaguely remember coming home for the first time after college, and somehow connecting and hanging out, which we proceeded to do every time we were home. You all know how this is- you leave your hometown and really have to pick and choose who you stay in touch with. Rachel has been one of those people for me, and boy am I glad!

There are many, many things I appreciate about her as a friend, these are not limited to: she's studying excuse me, getting her Masters in Psych, so FREE therapeutic conversations that are backed by science and excellent listening skills; she is the easiest person to get along with, ever; and she has the goofiest sense of humor that is merely accelerated when it's 1am and you're playing cards. 

Though we saw and did quite a bit (Red Rocks! the Coors Brewery! Golden! Wash Park! Downtown! South of Broadway! Greeley!) we also spent a lot of time just hanging, which I was so happy to do. I hadn't seen Rachel in two years or something, and we definitely had the conversation to make up for it! 

And Rachel has found herself a total gem, Ray! He manages a dairy farm (yes, seriously). That's where we spent Saturday and I loved every second of it; milking and arming a cow, seeing baby calves that were hours old, and learning so many things I didn't even know I wanted to know about dairy cows. Ray works his butt off and still manages to have boundless energy and enthusiasm for everything. Color me impressed, nice find Rachel! 

That night, we experienced the full gamut of Denver weather (every resident was tickled to tell me about this), when it snowed two inches after being 65 during the day. This crazy weather continued into Sunday, when my flight got cancelled, and Monday, when I swear I was on the last flight out of the city that morning. After a Voodoo donut because #priorities (also- #donutfriend.) I also have to mention that I got to see my friend John, who was one of my best friends in high school, that I hadn't seen in MAYBE three years. Such a warm fuzzy! 

OH- and guess who else I met up with?? Lauren from Exploring My Style
Guys if you ever get a chance to meet a blogger friend- DO IT! Every blogger I have ever met irl has gone out of their way to be so accommodating. I imagined Lauren to be a bit more reserved, for some reason? But she was so super friendly, and we clicked right away as we discussed the Bay Area (where we both grew up), the perils of blogging, clothing, etc. We met up with some of her friends, and I was so jazzed to drop the bomb that Lauren was my internet friend, and we were meeting for the first time. But I MAINTAIN that I swear I know more about some of my blogger friends than I do my real friends. I'm certainly familiar with what they look like ;) 

Since I got back on Monday afternoon...I've been moving. Remind me to never ever do that again. My roommate & I are completely in our new place as of this afternoon, but no I don't know where anything is. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I've been waiting to hear about the rest of your time in Denver! I'm SO glad to hear you and Rachel had such a great time. Rachel is so sweet. If I lived in Denver still, I'd probably find her on Facebook and invite her to hang out sometime! I had such a blast meeting you! I'm surprised you thought I would be more reserved. I couldn't tell how I was coming across that night. I am a very shy person, especially around new people. Maybe because we know each other online, it made things easier? You have a way of making people feel at ease and totally welcome around you, so thank you! I hope the moving process wasn't too crazy and you can spend the weekend slowly unpacking. Unpacking is a fun date activity right? :)

OH, and I'll never forget the look on our friend's faces when they found out it was the first time we were meeting! Such a crack up!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

So happy you got to meet Lauren. Have a great weekend.


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