My Favorite Songs of 2016


I started writing this list when I was writing another post, and the first song on this list came on, and I almost started crying because I instantly felt like I was training for my race on a sunny Spring day on the Shelby Bottoms greenway, feeling good, but at the same time like what should I do with my life??

Super cool how music does that to you. I’m already looking forward to the day in the future when I randomly hear that same song come on and think, “wow, when I loved that song initially my life was such a shit show and now it’s perfect!”

Anyway, I listen to music basically all day at work, and then when I exercise (which was a lot when I was training for a marathon) and I thought it’d be fun to share this list. I’m a music person in that I love it- not saying I have super cool taste or anything. I absolutely love terrible pop music (**case in point: one song on this list is vintage Britney**)

Priya’s Favorite Songs of 2016, Vol. I

1. Catch & Release- Matt Simons | just a beautiful song (on a great album!) check out the remix too!
2. Sorry- Beyoncé | the queen doing what the queen does- giving me THE song I didn’t know I needed this year.
3. It’s All in Vain- Wet | I can tell you the exact moment this takes me to. LOVE Wet, saw them in concert this year!
4. Feeling Ok- Best Coast | so many nights driving home I can’t even tell you. Great episode of Song Exploder too!
5. Genghis Khan- Miike Snow | the catchiest song, maybe ever? I still listen to this & it still makes me happy!
6. Touch- Nick Jonas | He played this at his show! Fab song & album, & Nick has emerged as a great solo artist.
7. The Less I Know The Better- Tame Impala | Such an amazing album/group.
8. That’s My Girl- 5th Harmony | dark horse! More than one time, this song made me cry as my feminism credo.
9. We Don’t Talk Anymore- Charlie Puth | Narrowly missed seeing CP in concert, this album/song is amaaaazing (Shout-out to Selena Gomez who is also on this track.)
10. Fever- Carly Rae Jepsen | CRJ all day. Nothing from E*MO*TION made it on this list (narrowly!), but here’s my favorite from the b-sides. Also saw her in concert this year and she was Pat Benetar reincarnate.

Priya’s Favorite Songs of 2016, Vol II.
(which was originally honorable mentions to a list of 10 and then I was like, I need to double this list)

11. Lost on You- LP | An absolutely incredible artist, and this is her new single I think? Loved it the first time I heard it.
12. All Time Low- Jon Bellion | This is on the radio too, and for good reason.
13. Closer- Chainsmokers ft. Halsey | You already love this song, I don’t have to tell you why I love it. Jam of the year?
14. Cool Girl- Tove Lo | A really cool sound. 
15. Welcome to Your Life- Grouplove | I need to listen to more of them, honestly, but this song is awesome!
16. Livewire- Oh Wonder | A fantastic album, through & through. Probably my favorite track though.
17. Overprotected- Britney Spears | Haha. This song is legit on my top tracks playlist of the year. Um, just a great song!
18. A-YO- Lady Gaga | an amazing, alternative return by LG. Probably the best track on the album, imho.
19. I Feel it Coming- The Weeknd | I’m pretty convinced this IS Michael Jackson. Way to go, Weeknd.
20. Sugar- Maren Morris | Love this album from start to finish, I think this is my favorite track. Huge fan of hers!
21. Me, Myself & I- G.Eazy | A great song to run/feel great about yourself to.
22. No Problem- Chance the Rapper | I don’t have to tell you about this album. I think this is the best track though!

I even made a handy Spotify widget so you can listen to this playlist so easily! If you’ve made a similar list, I would love to check it out, as I’m always looking for new tunes to listen to! Share below!!


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