Just a few photos from this past Christmas, spent in Oceanside, California (north of San Diego) with my entire family, minus Carina, plus Sabina, and the newest Pappu, Marisol!

I was able to fly out a couple days early and just hang with Sundar, who lives in Carlsbad, and Amir who drove down from the Bay Area to join us! Spending two days with my two favorite guys was a treat!

It wasn't necessarily beach weather (ironically it was warmer on Christmas Day in Nashville), but it sure was nice being on the coast for a bit. That California coast that I miss so much in the wonderful but landlocked state of Tennessee.

The extra-long weekend was super chill, and I lived in my huge tie-dye Lagunitas t-shirt and purple leggings (not the worst), we also continued our Priya-implemented tradition of pairing up for dinner + activity partners! Sundar & I joined forces on Christmas Eve for go-karting (I broke my "no extreme sports" policy and was pleasantly surprised) and tri-tip sandwiches (we played to our strengths & Sundar's is definitely the grill.)

Thankful for the holiday that brings us all together and off from work to relax in this roomy beach house!



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