Wears Like A Sailor

| sunglasses: Blenders Eyewear [gift] {similar} | earrings: H&M {similar} | lip: NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary | blouse: vintage {similar} | jeans: J.Crew via Carina {The "Billie" fit comes in several washes!} | clog sandals: Target {similar} | clutch: Anthropologie [gift from Katie] {similar} |

And now for something a littleeee different...I absolutely jumped at the chance to shoot with my talented friend (and co-worker) Miles! I work with so many talented artists of all kinds, it's awesome (and makes me feel...not so talented...) I was hyped about how these turned out! Thank you x one million, Miles!

One of my favorite things about blogging is how the outfit posts are like a little scrapbook. I have so many life events and trips documented through outfits: my mom's 60th birthday, Amir's college graduation, my 26th birthday, and outfits worn in Brooklyn, Paris, Miami, and Finland, to name a few! And while this outfit is from a pretty normal day, I also love looking at an outfit post and being able to instantly recognize the season it's from (whether that be a season of life, or like a literal weather season.)

These pictures scream SUMMER to me! I've been a little backlogged and mostly posting photos from the last couple months, so it was nice to put together a look/shoot that accurately depicts what's happening now. These are literally from this past Tuesday and boy does it feel S U M M E R Y around here.

The funniest thing happened to me yesterday- I was at a volunteer gig when this girl stopped me and said, "This is really weird but were you at Slim & Husky's last weekend? I loved your shoes so much and wanted to ask you about them!" So I guess I wear these a lot. I had to tell her that, sadly, these are a Target find from last year. Y'all know I love a wooden clog, but the best thing about these shoes is that they only look wooden, so they have a chunky heel that is super light!

These jeans came from Carina during a recent trip home- she had stalked them for months and finally ordered them, but they didn't fit her, and they were sitting at her desk at work, waiting to be returned. You know, I'm not even mad that I'm wearing jeans that are too big for my [little] big sister, because how awesome are these?! They've looked just as great with a white t-shirt/gray tank top as they have with this blouse- one of my best vintage finds to date! (Oh, the jeans are only available in really limited sizes, but J.Crew carries the Billie fit in several washes- I totally recommend it, I love 'em! I'm wearing a 26P but honestly the waist stretches out a lot, so I would size down!)

Well, happy Friday! I actually had the chillest week, and was back in the office for five consecutive days for the first time in...a while! We were joking about how a normal five day work week would feel SO long to me, and uh, jokes aside, it really has! I don't really have plans for the weekend, apart from "prepping" for an August cleanse (more on that soon) by eating all the gluten, dairy, and alcohol I can get my hands on (just kidding Mom!)

photos by Miles Price

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