Weekend Update: CBM

I think I have finally and aptly named the phenomenon that happens to me every time I go home: California Blackout Mode. I spend like four days squeezing in as much as possible, not including sleep, running from one festivity to the next, all over the Bay Area, I can’t even look at my phone let alone respond to a text message, and by the end my eyes are completely glazed over. These trips aren’t particularly relaxing, but I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for a girl’s night with Steph and Katie (after stopping at In-n-Out on the way home from the airport, and an impromptu shoot- photos to come!)

Then on Saturday, after Amir did the BBG with me in the backyard (!), we loaded up and headed to the beautiful Carmel Valley for Anjali’s wedding! We came up with a family hashtag on the way (guess whose idea this was): #NPPP, No Pappu Party Poopers. Really we stopped at our Airbnb and got ready at lighting speeds and then sped over to the venue.

Anjali and Mike’s wedding was one of the most beautiful I have ever been to, and included a really special ceremony done by Anjali’s aunt (who I guess has also known me since I was little?), and of course one little peanut bridesmaid. It was actually super fun to be there with a great combination of my family, and hang with Anjali’s whole extended family. After the loveliest garden party dinner (and I could not get over the flowers) we danced the night away! I even got my mom on the dance floor for Uptown Funk which was legendary (her response: “I FEEL CRAZY.”)

On Sunday we headed back (stopping at Pleasure Pizza, my favorite institution in Capitola), I think everyone took a magnanimous nap (?) and then it was saris on for round TWO in San Jose! The highlight of which was the Indian “Flash Mob” dance lessons, no question. I want this at my wedding. I now have new moves to bring back to the club.

Finally, I had breakfast with Jenae early Monday morning, worked remotely from the city, and had a SuperPAC dinner (at Leo’s Oyester Bar)/drinks (at Whitechapel) with Carina and Amir (and saw Carina’s new apartment and got some new jeans!) It was such a beautiful day in San Francisco and I loved walking around so much. I totally fell asleep on Carina’s couch on Monday night. And headed back to Nashville Tuesday morning.

Congratulations Anjali & Mike! I would not have missed those festivities (more on her bachelorette party in Nashville and why I wanted to attend the wedding!)

Ok. Last trip of the month, over and out. If you’re looking for me, I will be sleeping.


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