Weekend Update: #AnjsNashlorette & Christine's 30th!


This WEEKEND, y’all, was nothing short of a bender.

Once in a lifetime (twice if you’re lucky!) you have the kind of friend that Anjali is to me. So all weekend long when I was running around and describing this bachelorette party that I was crashing, I had to clarify, yes it’s Carina’s best friend but yes it’s also my mom’s best friend’s daughter and yes I have known her since I was born. I have a bunch of funny stories about Anj actually, most notably, we look more like sisters than Carina & I do and Anj’s dad even called me “Anjali” a couple times when I was younger and running around their house.

So it was truly really special to participate in her festivities all weekend long and I am exorbitantly glad she chose to have her Bachelorette party in my city!

I helped Carina make a few reservations and piece together an itinerary for the crew of 10, that came to town from the Bay Area, and I was pretty tickled that they stuck to my suggestions! Imagine my relief too when, I think everyone had an incredible time and things went really smoothly! I basically got super lucky a few times over the weekend (think, inadvertently helping us skip lines) which made me the hero of the party, which, I didn’t mind at all :)

Then smack dab in the middle of all of this, on Saturday during the day was my friend first, boss second Christine’s 30th birthday brunch! These parties never disappoint and especially because “this was the last brunch” (though she’s said that a few times) she pulled out ALL the stops. A highlight of my entire weekend was the temporary tattoos she made of “Christine’s Rules to Life” (most of which she had given to me at some point…and I helped brainstorm back to her.) By the time I left her party Saturday evening I had five temporary tattoos (gems like, “When wearing a high pony, I always take an ibuprofen as a preventative measure.”) I also know she’ll be reading this because she’s one of five people on my blog mailing list so HBD again Christine, I love you!

The #bridetribe (I actually hate this term more than anything) stayed at an incredible air&b super close to my house, and covered the Nashville staples (hot chicken, karaoke, a night on Broadway, porch hangs) but also checked out some real local gems, LA Jackson, (new to me, newish to Nashville, and incredible!) Bastion, (another super neat cocktail bar), Le Sel (perfect for our party- from the pink suede booths to the delicious lamb gnocchi I had!) and Margot (nothing short of a life-giving brunch on Sunday.)

All-together, a lovely group of girls that I enjoyed meeting and a pretty grandiose Bachelorette party weekend for Anjali (that I am still 100% recovering from!) 

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